Google Assistant Stadia Interaction Is Expanding To Android Phones


Google Assistant is one of the big feature interactions about Stadia that gives it some more mainstream appeal, and Google seems to be expanding that feature set to Android devices.

After some light testing, it does not seem to be something that is available to all users right away. Rather it seems like something that's getting a slow rollout as we weren't able to recreate the end result the first couple of times we tried.

All that aside, Google Assistant interaction on Stadia is finally making its way to Android phones. Slow rollout or no, this is a good thing.


Google Assistant can now launch Stadia games on Android phones

According to 9To5Google you can now use Google Assistant on your Android phone to launch into a game. All you need to do is say the magic words "Ok Google."

From there just insert the word "play" and then say the name of the game you want to boot up. And voila. The Stadia app on your device should open up and jump right into the game you wanted to play.

At least that's the way it's supposed to work. We tried recreating this interaction on a couple of different phones and it didn't work on either. Not right away. At first, all the command would do is open up Google and bring up search results of the game.


About an hour later, another attempt led to the intended result of Stadia launching into a game. Keeping this in mind, some users may find that Google Assistant won't launch their games on the phone yet. But give it a try and see how things work out. Just know that it seems Google is starting to push this feature out to users.

It works on Chrome too

It isn't just Android phones that are getting the Google Assistant treatment. The feature works when playing Stadia games on Chrome too.

Now really this seems to be more for Chromebooks than just any old computer that has Chrome installed on it. Probably because more than a few Chromebooks now have native Google Assistant integration.


Unless you're laptop has Google Assistant integration on it, then this feature probably won't work. You also can't just plug in the Stadia controller and press the Google Assistant button, issue the command, and have it open the Stadia website and launch into the game.

This was tried and nothing happens. Still, for Chromebook users this is a nice little perk. It'll be a little faster to get into games going forward. Though you will still need to plug in your controller or link it up through Bluetooth, depending on the controller you use.