Ghostrunner Is A Cyberpunk Ninja Playground Coming To GeForce NOW

Ghostrunner cyberpunk Game

GeForce NOW has been steadily adding new games to the platform every single week, but the one you should be looking out for is Ghostrunner, a cyberpunk-themed first-person ninja slasher that is just as unforgiving as it is wickedly cool.

Ghostrunner comes from All In! Games, which just released a cinematic trailer for it earlier this morning. When it launches later in 2020, the game will be landing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It’s the PC part that’s important here. Because the trailer shows that it’ll be available through GeForce NOW via Steam. All In! Games didn’t just release the trailer though. It launched a playable demo that you can download right now.


Ghostrunner turns GeForce NOW into a cyberpunk ninja playground

You can’t actually play Ghostrunner in GeForce NOW yet. I’ve booted up the service and checked and the title is not yet listed in the playable games that are available.

It will be available at some point though. And it’s expected to be live soon. So really it’s just a waiting game. Once it does go live though, Ghostrunner will turn GeForce NOW into a cyberpunk ninja playground.

Armed with only a katana, you’ll have to traverse through the cyberpunk-themed city by running on walls, dashing across large gaps, and dodging gunfire mid-air. All before finishing that dash by zipping forward towards your enemy and cutting them down.


It’s a whole lot easier than it sounds. Ghostrunner only rewards successful split-second decision making. Meaning run against that wall, jump off of it, hit the dash button, strafe to the left to dodge incoming fire, then dash forward and slash your enemy in half. All in the matter of less than two seconds.

Mess up and you’re dead. Either from falling into a pit or being hit with bullets. Sometimes you’ll have a moment to stop and take in the beauty of the environment that was created for you. But most times gameplay will be too fast and too chaotic to do any of that. So enjoy those moments when they pop up.

Ghostrunner doesn’t have a release date

All that’s known is that the game will launch in 2020. The cinematic trailer doesn’t give up anything else.


That’s even more of a reason to have as much fun as you can with the demo though. And if it comes out before Cyberpunk 2077, this will be a nice way to fill that time if you like cyberpunk-style games.

The intense action combat jacks you up with adrenaline and cranks things up to eleven really quick and never seems to stop. And you won’t want it to.

The very first time you finish a gauntlet of running and jumping between walls and slashing enemies to bits in less time than it takes to put on pants, you’ll feel like a god. Do yourself a favor and play this game right now.