GeForce NOW Will Have A New Opt-In Policy For Game Publishers


GeForce NOW is gaining a new policy that will seemingly attempt to stabilize its game library, letting publishers choose whether or not to opt-in with their games.

Since the GeForce NOW service launched out of beta, it's had a small problem with games leaving the platform. In fact quite a few high-profile publishers requested that NVIDIA pull their games.

This included anything from Activision-Blizzard, Bethesda, and more. And the main reason for this is because technically none of those publishers chose to allow their games on the platform beyond the beta period.


Which convoluted things a bit as they were allowed during the beta. So things appeared to a bit unclear, which led to game removals. With NVIDIA adding the new opt-in policy to GeForce NOW though it should stabilize things a bit.

The GeForce NOW Opt-In Policy will give publishers a choice

NVIDIA is basically putting the choice in publishers hands here. The policy is essentially saying "here's our GeForce NOW platform, you have the option to opt-in." And publishers can say yes or no.

If they say no or don't respond at all, then games from those publishers won't be on GeForce NOW. NVIDIA makes this abundantly clear by stating that only games from publishers who have opted in will be available to stream over the cloud.


And while that might seem more like games are simply going to be leaving (and a handful more will be removed later this month), it'll leave things in less of a confusing state.

NVIDIA will remove publishers that haven't opted in by May 31

This time around, NVIDIA is making things pretty easy and is putting the ball in the court of publishers.

To help instill confidence in the games that are available in the library, NVIDIA will remove any publishers who haven't opted in by the end date. Which in this case is May 31.


The new opt-in policy is already available for publishers to access. All NVIDIA has to do is sit around and basically wait to see who opts in. Those that don't will have their games taken off the platform, and players will be able to stream what's left.

As of right now there are 2,000 games that have been committed to GeForce NOW. So even though there are some big-name titles which aren't available right now (and might never be), there are still plenty of games in general.

And many of them are actually pretty good, with some of them being big, recognizable titles that players love. Time will tell, but it seems like GeForce NOW is starting to hit a good stride here.