Galaxy Note 20+ May Include A Smaller Battery Than The S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus AH 2019 16

According to the latest rumor that comes from, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ may include a smaller battery than the S20 Ultra. The phone is rumored to include a 4,500mAh battery pack.

If that ends up being true, it will include the same battery capacity as the Galaxy S20+. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, on the other hand, sports a 5,000mAh battery. So, it seems like the Galaxy Note 20+ battery will be considerably smaller than the on the S20 Ultra.

The Galaxy Note 20+ may include a smaller battery than the S20 Ultra, but it will sport a LTPO display

Do note that the Galaxy Note 20+ will include an LTPO display. It will be a variable refresh rate display, and chances are it will be much more battery friendly than the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s panel.


The source also shared some information about the cameras. It claims that the Galaxy Note 20+ will include a 108-megapixel main camera, just like the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The regular Galaxy Note 20 will not include that very same sensor, though. We’re also not sure if that 108-megapixel camera inside the Galaxy Note 20+ will utilize the same sensor as the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

It is possible that Samsung will include a different ISOCELL sensor, and not the ISOCELL Bright HM1 that lies inside the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Still, if previous iterations are anything to go by, the sensor will be the same.

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That is pretty much all the information that the source shared this time around. The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ are expected to arrive in August, along with the Galaxy Fold 2.

The Galaxy Note 20 series has been leaking out for a while now

Those two devices have been leaking out for quite some time now. Rumors are claiming that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will not be a thing, so we will be getting two Note-branded phones next month.

The Galaxy Note 20+ will be a lot more compelling device, by the looks of it. It will not only include a better camera setup, but it will also sport a better display. The Galaxy Note 20+ will sport a QHD+ 120Hz AMOLED LTPO display.


The Galaxy Note 20, on the other hand, will include a fullHD+ 60Hz AMOLED LTPS display. So, a regular display, pretty much, which is a far cry from what the Galaxy Note 20+ will offer.

None of this information has been confirmed just yet, but that info came from a rather reliable source. A rather well-known display analyst shared that info quite recently.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will ship with those two Note devices, and it is rumored to include an S Pen. It seems like the Galaxy Fold 2 will offer some S Pen software features the Note series has to offer, if not all of them.