Forza Street Races Onto Google Play Today

Forza Street

Forza Street is racing onto Google Play today and speeding past similar titles on the platform.

Microsoft’s long-running Forza franchise is making its debut on mobile with this recent release. Though players will need to temper their expectations for what to expect with this game.

It’s an on-rails racing game with the Forza franchise label. But, it’s not like what you’re probably familiar with when thinking about really every other game in the series.


Forza Street feels less about racing and more about timing your pedal presses

Right from the very first race, you don’t control the car really at all. Instead, you control the times which you tap the break pedal and slam your foot down on the gas. Timing is everything and does have some impact on how the race turns out.

However there also seems to be a level of predetermined outcome. Even if it’s subtle and nearly non-existent. All that aside the game does feel good and it’s pretty fun to play.

Races are quick bite-sized matches, where you start off by attempting to keep your acceleration needle away from the red and as close to the green as possible. Ideally, you want your needle in the green. But this seems easier said than done in the early stages.


The more you tune your car and the further you get into the game, it’ll likely become easier. Forza Street also lets you play with nitrous. You’ll rack up at least two charges of it during a race. More if you use it early enough so it has time to replenish.

You won’t always need it though. If you time everything perfectly, you can get by without ever boosting.

Collect cars and enjoy the cinematic racing experience

Yes you play the game, and yes it’s a racing title. But as noted earlier the game is less about racing and more about your timing.


Throughout the races you’ll be able to view your car through a series of cinematic shots. Forza Street is essentially a legal race tournament according to the game’s narrative.

So the various camera angles are the game’s way of bringing that narrative to life while also providing you with a cool view of your car as you either fail or succeed against your opponents.

You don’t have much control over the car during the race. You literally never steer. But Forza Street is still a well-developed gem that provides quite a bit of fun.


The game is available to download from the Google Play button below. It’s also available on the Galaxy Store for Galaxy device owners. And those who grab it on the Galaxy Store using a Galaxy S20 will net some special perks.

Such as a 2015 Ford Mustang GT and a 2015 C7 Chevy Corvette Z06. Both with a custom galaxy paint job. Those users will also get in-game gold and credits.

Other Galaxy device users will only get the Mustang with the custom paint job.