Sign-Up For Early Access To Transfer Your Play Music To YouTube Music


If you want to transfer your Google Play Music to YouTube Music as soon as possible, you can now sign-up for early access. The full rollout of the YouTube Music transfer tool will take several weeks, by the way.

Sign-up for early access if you'd like to transfer your Play Music to YouTube Music sooner

If you do sign-up for early access, though, you'll probably get it faster than you usually would. Google does note that not everyone that signs up will get early access to this transfer tool, though.

As most of you know, Google Play Music will be going away later this year. YouTube Music will replace it, and if you'd like to transfer your music straight away, requesting this tool is the best option, so you should sign-up if that is a priority.


That goes only if the transfer option is not already available for you in the YouTube Music app. For some users, the option to transfer Google Play Music is visible in the YouTube Music app, as we wrote recently.

Now, the migration process is quite simple. All you need to do is tap 'Transfer' in YouTube Music, and you're good to go. Your whole Play Music catalog will be transferred, that goes for both purchased files and uploaded ones.

Your personal and subscribed playlists will be transferred as well, and the same goes for curated stations. If you've been fine-tuning Play Music to know what you like, don't worry, that aspect will be carried over as well.


The 'personal taste preferences', as Google calls it, and music recommendations will be there. Those are determined over time by your likes / dislikes, and various other factors.

Google notes that you can initiate a YouTube Music transfer multiple times, from settings or So, if you do make any changes in the meantime, you can simply do it again.

Use this form

Now, if you'd like to request an early access to this transfer tool, you can do so through this form. You can enter your e-mail which is associated with the Google Play Music account you're using.


You'll also need to enter the country that you live in. Do note that an error has been present in the field where your residence should be entered, as it accepts only numbers.

There you go. Google has finally kicked off the migration process. The company announced that the Play Music will be going away quite some time ago, so many people have been waiting for this.

Not everyone is happy with this change, but it is what it is. YouTube Music is more than a decent replacement for the Play Music, but it's not the same thing. Some people will appreciate the change, while others not so much.