Don't Expect The Google Pixel 4a To Launch Before June

Google Pixel 4a pre launch billboard 3

While there were many rumors pointing to the Pixel 4a launching this week, it appears that it won’t be launching until June now.

Some new rumors are pointing towards it launching during the Android 11 Beta Launch Show. Which is something we called last week when the show was set for June 3.

Of course, this isn’t official, and it is possible that Google could publish a press release sometime this month announcing the phone. Seeing as there is no Google I/O for the Pixel 4a to be announced at this year. But it’s most likely being announced during the Android 11 Beta Launch Show, as that would make the most sense.


Delayed launch for Pixel 4a

This means that the Pixel 4a will be coming out a bit later than the Pixel 3a did last year. As the Pixel 3a was announced at Google I/O during the second week of May. And it went on sale that same day. Now we’re looking at a June release for Google and the Pixel 4a, which might be smarter for Google, honestly.

It’s smarter, as it gives the iPhone SE (2020) some time to sit on the shelves before the Pixel 4a comes in at the same price. Allowing for the iPhone SE (2020) hype to die down a bit. So that it doesn’t really overshadow Google’s budget offering.

The Pixel 4a is slated to be the same price as the iPhone SE (2020), which means that it’s going to get compared to it quite a bit. So allowing its hype to die down a little before launching the Pixel 4a is a good thing.


There’s a hint about the Pixel 4a in the Beta Show Trailer

It’s a small hint, but a hint nonetheless. That the Pixel 4a could launch during the Android 11 Beta Launch Show on June 3. Where the narrator (George Takei) states “there’ll be news, updates, and announcements on connectivity, controls, safety, security, productivity, accessibility, and a whole bunch of other stuff we’re not ready to tell you about yet”. Which almost confirms that there’s going to be something else like a Pixel 4a announced during this show.

Essentially, it looks like the Android 11 Beta Launch Show is going to be the Android portion of the Google I/O keynote. Which, last year came with some new hardware like the Pixel 3a series. So yeah, it’s most likely coming then.

We’ll have to tune in on June 3 to see what Google has in store and to get the first public beta of Android 11.