Crucible, The PvP Shooter From Amazon, Goes Live Today On PC


The PvP shooter from Amazon, called Crucible, is finally live for PC players after the game’s launch today on Steam.

Amazon announced that its shooter Crucible would officially go live on May 20 at 12 PM PST. But there seemed to be some sort of issue causing login problems for players, because 12 PM PST came and went and the game wasn’t immediately available for installation.

The official Crucible Twitter sent out a tweet around 1:30 PM that the game was now live for players in North America. And that global players would have access in the near future. So far there still hasn’t been an official update on that. If you live in North America though, you can install the game and play right now.


Crucible is a free-to-play PvP shooter from Amazon, live in North America only for now

At the time of writing Crucible is only available in North America, but Amazon is planning to launch the game globally.

Officially its stance says that global players will be able to play soon. It dose not however elaborate on what “soon” actually means. That could mean later today or it could mean sometime later in the week. So if you live in a different region keep your eyes peeled for access.

Chances are the official Twitter page will alert players to when access is up outside of North America. So that’s your best bet on learning when you can hop in.


Today is the start of the 8-week pre-season

Crucible is a competitive shooter game. So like Valorant, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Warzone, and other shooters, you’ll be fighting for supremacy against other real players.

With that in mind there’s going to be seasons where players can climb the ranks. That all technically begins today with the pre-season which will last about two months.

The point of the pre-season is to allow players to become familiar with the game mechanics and everything else about the game that could make or break their progress. So if you’re interested in playing this game competitively, or just having a good ranking once Season 1 starts late Summer, use the pre-season time wisely.


If you log into the game by June 2 you will also get a reward of 1,000 credits. This in-game currency can be used for purchasing anything from the pre-season battle pass (and likely future battle passes) to in-game cosmetic items like skins for characters.

There are three game modes available at launch

While there will probably be more game modes available in the future, at launch there will be three for players to dive into.

This includes Heart of Hives, Alpha Hunters, and Harvester Command. Heart of Hives is a team battle with four players on each team (there are two teams) attempting to be the first team to gather three hearts from the hive.


Alpha Hunters meanwhile thrusts players into a team of two. There are eight teams altogether, and the goal is to simply be the last team standing. Then there’s the Harvester Command mode, where players need to work together to hold Harvester points around the map. Similar to a capture the flag mode.

In this mode there are two teams, and each team has eight players. The first team to 100 points wins, and you can earn points by both capturing and holding harvesters, and by killing enemy players.