Get Five Reusable Cloth Face Masks For Just $20

cloth face mask

If you haven't bought any cloth face masks yet, now is the time to buy some. Amazon has a pack of five plain-black cloth face masks available for $19.99. Now that is actually a pretty decent price. Considering Disney is selling a pack of four for $25.

These are plain black face masks, so there's no type of design or anything on them. Which makes them great for everyone, including your kids.

Because these are cloth face masks, they are great for reusing. And where many States are now starting to require everyone to wear a face mask for Phase 1 of reopening, now is a great time to grab some. So that you can protect yourself, and others and help get the economy open once again.


These have the earloop design, and since they are made of cotton, they should not irritate your ears too much. That's always a good thing.

You can wash these, and they are machine washable. So you can just toss them into the washing machine and they'll be cleaned up pretty nicely. Then you will want to put them in boiling water for a bit, to sterilize them. This will get rid any germs and diseases that might have been picked up on the mask.

We all want to see the economy reopen and head back to the beach, restuarants, bars, etc. And buying a face mask is the way it's going to happen. Just make sure that you wear it properly. The mask should be covering your nose and mouth, as well as your chin. There is a thin metal bar that goes across your nose. You can pinch that to form on your nose and it'll keep it from sliding down your nose.

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You can pick up these cloth face masks from Amazon today by clicking here. 

5 Cloth Face Masks - Amazon - $20