Chrome M83 Update Causing Frequent Crashes On ASUS Phones


Google started rolling out the Chrome M83 milestone update last week. While it brings a plethora of new features and enhancements, it seems some bugs have sneaked in as well. The bugs are primarily affecting ASUS smartphones and tablets.

Several users are complaining that their ASUS devices are unable to load webpages post the Chrome M83 update. Not only Google Chrome, but other browsers are failing to load webpages as well.

Some other apps, such as My Jio, Gmail, and Google Assistant are also not working. Issues range from frequent crashes to apps not opening at all.


The ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Max Pro M2 appear to be the most affected devices. Affected users have taken to Chrome Help forum and other online platforms such as Twitter to report the issues. Google has acknowledged the issues and is already working on a fix.

Google working on a fix for Chrome M83 bugs on ASUS phones

A Chrome Support Manager has said that Google is working on a hotfix update to fix the issues that have raised on ASUS devices following the Chrome M83 update.

"Our team has investigated these reports and can confirm that we are seeing a larger than usual number of crashes on some ASUS devices on the latest Chrome stable version.


We are working on an update that will resolve this behavior," the manager said is a reply to a forum post.

In the meantime, he is suggesting users uninstall all updates to Google Chrome as a temporary fix. You can do so through your device's Settings app. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Chrome. Now tap the overflow menu (three dots on the top right corner) and tap Uninstall updates.

Doing this will return to an older version of Chrome and will likely resolve the issue. Note that this will also clear Chrome's local app data.


Unfortunately, while this does resolve the problems for some users, it doesn't help some others. Hopefully, Google will release a fix soon.

As for the Chrome M83 update, it brings several new features that primarily focus on safety, privacy, and giving users more control. One of the new features is the ability to block third-party cookies on Incognito mode. It's switched on by default.

On desktop platforms, the Security settings page has been redesigned. The Barcode Detection API also now comes enabled by default, while AR and VR contents can display HTML on top of 3D rendered environments. You can read more about the Chrome M83 update here.