Black Desert Mobile Gets Another New Class Today With The Striker

Black Desert Mobile Striker

Black Desert Mobile players now have access to another new class to play with the Striker, the game's eight class, following the Dark Knight that was added back on March 24.

The Striker class was added into the game on May 12 as part of a new content patch update, and is only the most recent patch for the game. The Schultz Fortress was added in a patch back on April 21, and a new trading system was added in a patch on April 28.

In addition to the Striker which is already live and available to play by anyone who hasn't maxed out their open character slots, the latest patch also includes various other new content.


The Striker class in Black Desert Mobile is joined by the Field Of Valor

The Striker class isn't the only new thing coming to Black Desert Mobile. The May 12 patch also introduced the Field of Valor.

This is something that's been available to players before but it only sticks around for a limited time. The same is true this time around, so you'll want to participate as soon and as often as you can.

The Field Of Valor event is live in the game now and will run for two weeks. It should end officially on May 26 though no time was listed in the patch notes. Timing should however be visible in-game.

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You will also need a Token Of Valor to get into the Field Of Valor. Which you acquire through an in-game login event. There are six different levels of difficulty to go through. With the first requiring you to have a minimum CP amount of 1,600.

Which means it won't be readily available to new and low-level players. Two weeks should be more than enough time though to get your CP up to the required level.

Acquire Hot Time items for a unique and useful buff

To help move things along for you in the game, you can now acquire something called a Hot Time Item.


This special item will give you a HoT Time buff for a period of time. Lasting a total of three hours each. If you have more than one Hot Time Item in your inventory however, you can use more than one and extend the three-hour duration.

As for what the buff does, it allows players to gain an increase to their combat EXP and Filed item drop rate at 100, 200, and 300-percent. Depending on which item they have. Players will be able to obtain these through various events, but it also looks like they'll be available to buy.

They cost 300,000 silver though. So they aren't exactly cheap.