Become A Gig Economy Firefighter In Embr, Out On Stadia May 21

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Starting this Thursday you can become a gig economy firefighter in Embr, a new game releasing on Stadia in early access.

In Embr, which Google teased in a Stadia announcement trailer back on April 28, you are an everyday citizen that has chosen to join the ranks of 'Embr.' Like drivers for Uber, Embr workers use a smartphone app to find and accept jobs.

These jobs require you to save other citizens who are trapped inside burning buildings. Fire won't be the only thing you have to worry about though. So you best prepare yourself for the dangers ahead.


Become an Embr firefighter on Stadia for $14.99

Once the game releases on May 21, Stadia members will be able to pick up the game for just $15. A pretty decent price for all the fun you'll have with this game.

You can play the game solo or mix it up by playing with up to four people (including yourself) in the multiplayer mode. Worth noting is that the $15 price is the cost for Pro members. While non-Pro members will need to pay $16.

This is also an introductory discount price. Pro members are getting a 25-percent discount while non-Pro members are getting a 20-percent discount. Which means this will end up retailing for $20 when the deal prices are gone.

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If this game looks like fun to you, then you'll probably want to snag while it's a few bucks off.

Get ready for a zany take on the gig economy

Some games are serious and some are meant to be emotional. Not Embr. It's a zany take on the gig economy. Which lets people supplement their income by accepting jobs from other people using a smartphone application.

If you've ever worked for companies like Uber, Door Dash, Lyft, or any of the others on the side, then you can probably appreciate the satirical elements here.


Hack your way through doors with an axe to get to closed off rooms. Find people stuck in those rooms, carry them outside, and then toss them off the roof so they can get to safety.

Customers can leave you terrible ratings or you can be seen as the best thing that ever happened to them. It's all up to you.

Aside from Embr, there are a few other deals for Stadia members this week. This includes all three editions of NBA 2K20 being offered at a discount. With the Legend Edition costing only $25.