App Review: SOTKA


It’s nearing the Summer and with that people all over the globe are either starting or have already been working at getting into better shape.

If you’re just now starting down this path, then it would be worth your time to weigh out your options in terms of what tools you’ll use to help you reach your goals.

This is where an app like SOTKA aims to assist you. While it might be easy to take one look at SOTKA and immediately say it’s just another fitness or workout app, it’s actually much more than that. Truth be told that is exactly what I thought when I first laid eyes on it. But after installing it and checking it out for the past couple of days, it became clear that this wasn't just an app with recommended exercises.


While it does offer some form of training regimen, SOTKA is best described as an "edufitness" application and 100-day training program. And in this app review we’ll be looking at what SOTKA has to offer you. As well as give it an overall rating based on a few different factors. Let's take a closer look at the app and what it can do for you.

SOTKA App Review Description

To get started with SOTKA, first you’ll need to head to the Play Store so you can download and install the app.

Once SOTKA is installed, launch the app and go through the beginning setup/tutorial process. Most of this is basically reading, along with entering a few pieces of information, which includes your weight, goals, and adding some before images to track your progress for the beginning, middle, and end of the program.


Remember this program is designed around a 100-day commitment, so you should be able to see at least some progress over that time.

All of this information is listed on an “Organizational Moments” page, which you can go back to at any point during the program. Though the app does recommend you take your before photos prior to starting, the rest of the information on the Organizational Moments page can be read before and during the rest of the program. If you ever need a refresher, it can’t hurt to go back and view this page.

The Organizational Moments page also has a few videos to watch. These will help make sure you’re doing the three body weight exercises that this program is focused on correctly. Along with reading everything before you begin, it’s highly recommended you watch these three videos.


They’re all fairly short (about 30 seconds), so it won’t take much of your time to get through all three. They’re essentially about correct form, so give them a watch before you move onto the main page.

The main page is where you’ll see the current day of the program that you’re on. It also lists how many days are left, and has a daily infopost as well as what you’re doing on that day for exercises.

Now the program revolves around doing all three exercises every day, but your personal goals may change. And this is what this particular section is meant for. Adjusting your goals if they’ve changed from the previous day.


Once you’ve finished your training for the day, you can hit the save as passed button. Which is just under the button to start the training. In addition to the tab for the main page and infoposts, there’s also a journal tab. This is where you can keep track of your day’s activities. Whether you’re training, stretching, resting, or sick. There a progress tab as well. Here you’ll find the before and after photos as well as your weight values and goals for each individual exercise. Lastly there's the settings tab for the app.

The settings tab has a handful of different information. Such as your default language, notification preferences, and training time. Not to mention the rest time, and even the social media channels for the SOTKA app program.

The overall design of the app may be more basic, but it’s very easy to navigate and everything is easy to find. There’s almost no fluff to bury the important details.


Which is really what you’d want with something like this as it was designed to keep you on task and ready to get in your exercises whenever and wherever you can.

The aim is to allow anyone to be able to complete these exercises just about anywhere. Since SOTKA is a program based around body weight exercises. The only one some might find trouble with is the pull-ups. If you don’t already have a pull-up bar that was designed for in-home use, then you’ll have to find something that you can do the pull-ups on. Which some might find challenging.

The good news is that since these are body weight exercises, you can really do them anywhere. Which means you don’t have to be in the house to get the pull-ups done. If there’s a park nearby chances are you might be able to find a bar to do pull-ups on there.


The idea is that SOTKA is removing any sort of excuse that could be used to justify you not doing your exercises for the day. The entire program is also based around doing exercises that can allow you to recuperate in a 24-hour period so you can do daily exercises.

SOTKA App Review Ratings

  • Ease of use (5/5) – Setting up and using the SOTKA app was really a breeze. About the only thing that people might find a challenge is sticking with the reading. Though this should absolutely not be skipped as it's imperative to the program and needs to be done. Everything within the app was designed to be simple to use. Meaning getting to the information and accessing the features should be less of a challenge than doing the exercises and sticking with the program.
  • Features (4/5) – Though sometimes it is nice to have plenty of features in an application, you don't want to be overloaded with too many things. Especially with an app like SOTKA. Too many features here would open up the possibility of the important details being lost. Which you absolutely don't want. SOTKA has the features you'll need to start and complete the 100-day training program.
  • Design (4/5) – As mentioned earlier the app design is pretty basic. There are no frills when it comes to the looks. And that's perfectly ok. Though SOTKA would certainly benefit from having some polish in the design department, it doesn't really need it. The important thing is that all the information and features are accessible and the design of the app provides just that.
  • Overall (4/5) – If you want to make a change in your health and fitness, there are loads of options out there for you. But I would urge you to at least check out SOTKA. Consider giving it a try because of the simplicity and accessibility of the program. Don't get me wrong, the program being simple does not mean that everything will be easy. Some days you may find it challenging to get your exercises done. But the program in itself is simple as it was designed to allow you do get the exercises done anywhere. Whereas many programs revolve around having either your own exercises equipment, or going to a gym (which requires a membership in most cases) to access theirs.

SOTKA App Review Pros and Cons


  • The app provides information and guidance to a very accessible program for getting in better shape and improving your health.
  • All exercises are body weight exercises, which means anyone should be able to do them anytime and anywhere. That way there's less of a chance that you'll skip out on doing them.
  • Progress tracking.
  • Personal journal (which can be presented in either Calendar or List view).
  • Correct form videos in the app.
  • Daily info posts.


  • Requires a pull-up bar either at home or nearby.

Wrap Up

When it comes down to it, SOTKA is an exercise program that is tailored to be usable by anyone. And the nature of it being designed around body weight exercises makes it almost impossible not to complete the training.

Accessibility is absolutely key to this program being a success. And while your exercise habits, goals, or needs may eventually change, SOTKA makes it easy to get things started and stick with a routine. If you're not already on an exercise program that is showing progress and working for you, then why not give SOTKA a try? Because you may be pleasantly surprised as to how well it will work.


It also doesn't hurt that the app is free and doesn't have a monthly membership cost. Many fitness apps do. So there's another barrier that's been removed, making it even more accessible to users.