Save Big On Anker Portable Projectors In This One-Day Sale

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Today, in Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day, it has a number of Anker Portable Projectors on sale. You're going to be able to save up to 30% on these portable projectors. But remember that this sale is available today only and will expire at midnight PST tonight.

There are essentially two projectors available in this sale. There's the Anker Nebula Capsule, and the Nebula Mars II Pro. Let's first talk about the Nebula Capsule.

The Nebula Capsule is a fan-favorite projector, because it is the size of a soda can. Which makes it tiny but powerful, and a lot more portable. The battery on this one will last you about four hours on a charge. Which isn't too bad. And it'll get you through a full movie. Now the only downside here is that the picture quality isn't the best. Of course, what do you expect for this size? But it's a 480p resolution, and can be up to 100-inches. The Nebula Capsule is priced at $221.99 today, down from $279.99.


Then there is the Nebula Mars II Pro, and as you can tell by the name, it is a more high-end projector. This one is priced at $369.99, and that's down from $549.99.

Nebula Mars II Pro is a much larger projector, and it even has a lens cover to protect it. Which is super nice to have. This one is able to do a 720p image, from 30 inches up to 150 inches. So you can get a much larger TV here. It is also a lot brighter at 500 lumens versus 100 lumens on the Nebula Capsule.

Both of these projectors are available from Amazon today only, and you can pick them up by clicking here. This sale on Anker Portable Projectors is not going to last long, so you'd better grab them before they are gone.

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