Android TV Finally Gets Chromecast Background Audio Streaming Support

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Android TV is the preferred platform for many TV and set-top manufacturers. It offers several smart features but still misses a few key elements. With the latest update, Android TV now finally supports streaming Chromecast audio in the background.

Spotify users already have this feature through the Spotify app for Android TV. The feature now works with all Chromecast-enabled apps. The user can play music through casting, even when another app is running in the foreground and navigating through the UI.

Android TV can stream audio in the background

The Chromecast built-in is one of the highlight features of the Android TV OS. With the recent update to the Chromecast built-in app, music will continue to play in the background until other media starts playing from another app. Finally, you can also listen to music while playing games on your Android TV.


As of now, this new feature is limited to the beta version of the Chromecast built-in app. Anyone can still join the beta program to get the update. Along with smartphones, users can also stream their favorite music via the Chrome browser.

According to 9to5Google, not all of the apps are working perfectly with this feature. The music continues to play even when accessing Play Movies and Disney+. Hulu seems to work perfectly as it cuts the music when the stream begins. The issue should be fixed via future updates for the respective apps.

How to stop music playing in the background?

A notification will appear at the top of the homescreen while music continues to play in the background. It will show details like song name, album art, and artist name. Users can select the 'Open' option to go back to the Chromecast UI or 'Stop' to end the music playing in the background.

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Unlike audio, this new feature won't play videos in the background. Videos will stop when you enter the home button. The recent update to the Chromecast built-in app also added another new feature. Now, the Android TV can be added to the speaker group on the Google Home app.

These new features are rumored to be offered with the second-gen Chromecast Ultra out of the box. The leaks suggest the upcoming Chromecast Ultra will be based on Android TV. Google will also offer a remote with this new streaming dongle. The remote is expected to feature a microphone and dedicated Google Assistant button that can be used to control the device.