Finding It Hard To Beat Some Levels In Your Android Games? Try These Top 3 Sites For Android Game Cheats

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We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Your friends brag to you about a game they’ve recently stumbled on and how it took them days to clear its levels. Then, in your attempt to prove your superior gaming skills, you download it on our Android device and hope to clear its levels in lesser time than your pals.

Unfortunately, after playing the first few levels, you get stuck in the middle of the road. You try a couple of times and fail and come back to it again with the hopes of bettering your last performance. But even this time, you get a “game over” response rather than a “level cleared” response.

At this stage, you have no idea what to do. Should you admit defeat to your friends or continue to try again? Or maybe you need a gaming cheat to beat those monsters in the game.


Oh, gaming cheats sound a lot like a good idea.

But wait a minute, where will you find an Android gaming cheat code? Thought they said Android games don’t usually have cheat codes.

Well, that’s not completely true!


There are still some sites out there that offer reliable Android game cheat codes. Luckily for you, this page is dedicated to sharing with you three of the best of them.


What else can you expect from a site that goes by the name “CheatCodes” if not codes and cheats galore? It is completely dedicated to offering site visitors cheat codes for their favorite games. Be it adventure games, puzzle, omiqq poker games, arcade games, or what have you; there is always a cheat code on CheatCodes for you to explore.


The site interface is pretty okay to navigate, so you shouldn’t have a problem scouring its pages for your fav game cheat code.

However, it is important to know that some game developers have designed their products in such a way that no cheat works on them. Even if your favorite game is like this, you can still find hints, easter eggs, and guides on the site to clear the hardest levels of your game.

For games that need walk-throughs, the site also provides a comprehensive guide on all the details you need to beat the levels and advance to the next round.


Super Cheats

There is really no looking beyond Super Cheats when it comes to finding a cheat code for your favorite Android game. The site has the best walk-throughs, hints, guides, codes, and interface of any other gaming cheat platform.

Personally, I love how blocky, bold, and big the texts are on the mobile version of the website because it makes it easy to spot the game you’re looking for.


But what makes Super Cheats even more exciting is the community-driven nature of the site. As such, there is always an overflow of hints and tips from people you don’t even know. The community is ever lively and will jump to your help if need be.

For example, let’s say you’re playing a game and get stuck somewhere, you can hit the community on Super Cheats for hints and tips on what you need to do next to beat that big, bad monster that won’t die.

Furthermore, everything is categorized on the site based on popularity and recency, so it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for.



Nobody will talk to you about game cheats and not mention GameFAQs. As one of the oldest gaming sites around today, this site has been serving a lot of gamers cheat codes since way before I can remember. In fact, some gamers claimed this site helped them get past some of the difficult levels in Resident Evil 2, a game that was released on the PlayStation One way back.

Now, as Android is capable of porting a lot of old-school games on it, there is a need for you to consider cheats and guides for games that are not natively available on the platform.


We cannot overemphasize the openness of Android and how it’s been trying to emulate a ton of video games. If you’re into playing old–school games on your Android device, then this site should be bookmarked at all times.