New Sync Pair & Other Content Enters Pokémon Masters Today

Pokémon Masters Dawn Story Event

There’s new content to play in Pokémon Masters today thanks to the game’s most recent update.

This includes much, but as is usually the case part of the new content includes a new Sync Pair. Which means you will have the opportunity to fight alongside a new trainer and a new Pokémon.

To get the new Sync Pair though, you’ll have to try your hand at the Sync Pair Spotlight Scout. Which is the game’s gacha mechanic. Unfortunately, this is the only way to acquire the new pair, so you’ll have to rely on a little bit of luck if you want them in your team roster.


As for who the new pair is, the Pokémon is Turtwig, a grass type Pokémon, and its trainer is Dawn. The two will be available to get from the Spotlight Scout until June 10. After which they will leave the pool of potential characters.

The new content in Pokémon Masters also includes a new event

If you’re not really keen on micro transactions and chance when it comes to acquiring characters, there’s loads of other stuff to do with this new Pokémon Masters update.

For instance there’s a new event to participate in that is live as of today. It will also go until June 10 just like the new Sync Pair so you have a couple of weeks to get things in order and complete everything.


The event is a story event called The Star of The Contest. In it players will get to interact with Dawn and Turtwig. You will need to have completed chapter 1 of the main story before you can participate in this event.

That isn’t too hard to do though. It doesn’t take long to finish which means really anyone can complete the event before it disappears in two weeks.

A second new Sync Pair, login bonuses, and more

Alongside Dawn and Turtwig there is another new Sync Pair that can be picked up from the Spotlight Scout.


If you’re so inclined, try your hand at acquiring Jasmine and Steelix, a steel type Pokémon. Again, you can only acquire this pair in the Spotlight Scout. Though they will only be available until June 4 instead of June 10. So you’ll need to make up your mind quickly on these two.

There’s also daily login bonuses. Every day until June 10, players can login to acquire up to 1,400 gems. As these are used for many things in-game, don’t miss out on the chance to acquire more of them since they’re free.

A special rally will also be available starting May 31, and it will continue until June 30. Completing specific missions in this rally can afford gems, Co-Op Sync Orbs, and training items.