6 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Mobile App Development

Statista recently reported that the total mobile app revenues predicted to reach $581.9 billion in 2020. Moreover, the total number of mobile phone users will reach billions in number in the next few years. China, India, and the US are among the countries that surpass 100 million landmarks.

With the increasing number of mobile phone devices, mobile app development trends are rising and have made it necessary for the developers to stay informed. Amid COV19, businesses and their customers are being watchful for the latest trends to gain maximum benefits out of it and develop a user-friendly base.

The unprecedented demand for mobile app development in the present year is growing faster and more significantly than the previous year. If you want to excel successfully in your business, you need to integrate new features within your existing apps.


If you're planning for a startup, product company, or even a mobile app development business, you don't dare to miss these evolving mobile app trends in the competitive market. In this post, we're discussing the top mobile app development trends to watch out in 2020.

1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is creating much buzz in the IT and cryptocurrency world. Now, it has successfully made its way to the mobile app development industry as well. Blockchain technology is a decentralized database, consisting of chains of blocks present on more than one system at the same time. These blocks build when new data gets recorded. When new data is added, the previous blocks are saved, and everyone receives a copy of the entire database.

The database helps in preventing data breaching or creating fake documents. Also, it is capable of tracking errors when anyone makes a mistake. Many online wallets and Android VPN apps rely on blockchain technology to keep user data secure. Thus, if you want to make online transactions via credit card, so don't hesitate. Start using a blockchain-enabled mobile payment app and enjoy its wonders.

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2. Chatbots

There are several ways to utilize chatbots in a particular field. Chatbots allow faster communication with clients all 24/7. Firstly, only specific apps like Facebook, Slack, and Skype use chatbots significantly but, now other businesses as well as are integrating chatbots for effective customer interactions.

Approximately 50% of the customers prefer chatbots over humans; it has become essential for every significant business company to now incorporate chatbots for leveraging customer service and gain maximum success.

At present, there are nearly 2.5 million apps present in the Google Play Store and approximately 1.8 million in the Apple Play Store. Gartner predicted that Chabot usage is going to show a steady rise from 20% in 2017 to 93% in 2022. With 80% of the companies expected to use chatbots by 2020, the development of mobile chatbots is going to accelerate as well.


3. IoT in Mobile App Trends

The IoT global market can grow exponentially to nearly $1.6 trillion by 2025. IoT is both a rising and emerging trend that brings the evolution of controlling non-connecting things. The fast-emerging technology proves beneficial for numerous industries like e-commerce, business cloud storage, health care sector, education, and many others. These apps meet a wide range of business needs, particularly in boosting automation and customer service.

There are various examples of IoT apps in the real world, like Air Beam. Most of the daily-use types of equipment are connected directly to the internet, by which we have control when we're far away from our devices. IoT has brought lots of opportunities both for the developers and for the users too. This makes IoT technology a dominant trend of 2020.

4. Demands Apps

Things are becoming more interesting as the app world is on the verge of developing and launching more apps in the upcoming time. It is all because now desires are changing into people's needs. As a result, there are numerous on-demand apps now. Smartphones have emerged as an essential requirement as they fulfill all the criteria required for the working of fast mobile apps. All you need is to place a request in the app, and you get the service at your doorstep. There are various types of on-demand apps, such as taxi apps, food delivery apps, grocery apps, home appliances, and the list goes on.


Careem, Food Panda, and Uber have gained much popularity and are some of the best examples of on-demand apps. These apps are easy to use as it is also proven by research. According to a study, nearly 86.5 million US citizens are using the on-demand apps and they are quite happy with their services. As of now, every organization is shifting towards on-demand apps. The tech experts have predicted that 2020 is going to be a great year for these apps.

5. Enhanced App Security

Cybersecurity is an essential feature of app development. The shift of Apple to its Swift coding language from Objective-C is a vital reminder to developers for integrating more features during the initial stages of the app development process. In these circumstances, organizations get exposed to practices that respond to tech abnormalities that corrupt the network.

Secondly, the BYOD trend has increased the risk of mobile apps getting hacked considerably. Designers are now paying more attention to app security from the start with a different approach. Several apps are also combining the money payment feature that requires high-level security infrastructure.


Developers are embedding secure API and backend, code encryptions, and integrate reliable payment gateway to ensure users' security over the app. The increasing concern of security has made cybersecurity another demanding trend of mobile apps.

6. Mobile Payments

The online mobile payment option is not only a convenient way, but it is a safe option to use. This trend has made life easier with the facility of making transactions by a click instead of standing in long queues. With the availability of smartphones, mobile wallets are expected to drive more sales in 2020. With mobile wallets, users pay all daily payments, including fees, utility bills, hospital bills, and etc. This all shows the power of digital payment and how it is not limiting itself in this competitive market.

Renowned brands like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Fresbhooks, as well as local brands in each country, are using e-wallets to serve their customers with a flexible and secure platform for paying bills and making money transactions. A report revealed the value for mobile wallet transactions was $4,296 billion in 2018, and this value is predicted to reach $13,979 billion by 2022. Therefore, the demand for mobile wallets is the most promising mobile app trend.


Final Thoughts

Every business, regardless of their sizes, aims to provide excellent services and user experience to their clients. The same thing goes with mobile apps. If these apps are accessed without the trauma of the downloading process, then their number is going to increase unprecedentedly.

To stand out in the marketplace, business needs to have mobile app developers that are well aware of the latest trends and technologies ruling the market. There will be a competition among the developers and mobile app creators. Thus, be watchful on every trend before creating your app. Success depends on innovation. Remember, to deploy all the above mentioned mobile apps development trends while designing an app and see the wonders it brings.