New 55-Inch OnePlus LED TV Gets Certified Along With A Remote

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro Launch

A new 55-inch OnePlus LED TV just got certified over at Bluetooth SIG. In a separate listing, a OnePlus remote got certified as well. It seems like OnePlus is preparing to release those two devices soon.

A new 55-inch OnePlus TV got certified, probably coming soon

This 55-inch OnePlus TV is marked as ‘55UA0A00’, while the remote comes with a ‘RC-003A’ model number. This is not one of the two existing OnePlus TVs, but a brand new model.

That was to be expected, as the OnePlus Q1 lineup got announced almost eight months ago. The company is expected to announce new additions to it in the coming months, and this will probably be one of those TVs.


This LED TV comes with Bluetooth 5.0, and it is fueled by one of MediaTek’s chips. To be more precise, it includes the MediaTek MT5607 SoC. That exact same chip is included in the first-gen OnePlus TVs.

Now, in terms of the controller, not much information got shared. We do know it will support Bluetooth 4.2, though. This remote controller has been certified on the same day as the TV.

Chances are that this remote controller will be included in the package along with the aforementioned TV. We’re only guessing, of course.

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This certification leaves us with a rather interesting question. Considering the timing of it, we presume that this TV will launch ahead of time. So, chances are we’ll see it either this or next month.

This could be a more affordable alternative to the OnePlus Q1 and Q1 Pro

That does not have to be the case, but if it ends up happening that way, it will probably be a more affordable alternative to the two OnePlus Q1 TVs. If it launches later this year, it will probably be a successor instead.

The OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro got launched at the very end of Q3 last year. The two TVs are available in India, and they’re actually quite similar, despite the ‘Pro’ tag on the more expensive model.


Both of those models come with 55-inch 4K displays, and 50W 2.1 channel speakers. Android TV 9.0 shipped out of the box on them, along with Google Assistant and Alexa support.

Chances are that both Google Assistant and Alexa will be supported in this new TV as well. If it ends up being a more affordable version, though, the display resolution may be different, we’ll see.

OnePlus will hopefully release some more information on this soon. We can only wait at this point, as nothing is clear at the moment.