5 Best Courses Online to Learn Android Development

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Being an Android developer is an excellent career choice in 2020. However, you need to recognize the fact that technology is constantly changing and developing, and so should you, as someone who facilitates its growth. Luckily, there are lots of learning opportunities online, the opportunities that can fit any needs, and any budget. You can get knowledge free of charge, for little money, or quite a high price, as long as you are willing to invest in your education. Here are some of the best online courses that will help you become an excellent Android developer.

Udemy Course by Rob Percival

Udemy is one of the most popular and affordable online learning platforms at the moment. As a future developer, you need to use the courses it has to offer to the fullest, as there is a lot to learn. For example, there is a course for Android developers called “The Complete Android N Developer Course,” which costs only $9.99 and has a pretty good rating. During this course, you will learn how to develop Android apps as it will help you expand and liberate your imagination.

What’s more, the course will teach you how to start making money off your Android works by submitting your apps to Google Play and getting revenue from them. It is one of the courses that will get you closer to becoming a professional developer and empower you to find partnerships and work from any location in the world. After all, being a good Android developer opens a lot of doors these days. There are 32 hours of video lectures in the course, so you might need to make some room in your schedule for this. If you are a college student struggling with assignments overload and taking additional development classes, you should find a reliable paper writing service for constant and professional help with your studies.


EdX Course by HKUST

EdX is another popular online learning platform you should keep in mind if you don’t want to miss the best courses in the field of Android development. It currently offers a fully-fledged online course called “Build a foundation for creating Java and Android apps” powered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Ting-Chuen Pong, a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, will lead you through the learning process. After finishing the course, you will get a valid certificate that you can add to your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

During the course, you will learn how to build Android apps by using Android Material Design elements, building GUI, graphical user interface, and employing the event-driven programming paradigm. The course’s pace is quite moderate, and you will be able to cover it within three months by devoting 3 to 5 hours of your time to studying each week. The course costs $267, but it is a valuable investment in your professional development.

Udemy Course by Stephen Grider

Another useful course that you can find on the Udemy platform is called “The Complete React Native + Hooks Course.” The course is very cheap. It costs only $9.99, but it takes 38 hours to complete. Not to take too long to study the program, it will be best if you hire an academic writer from domyessay.com. He or she will take care of your full-time studies assignments, and you can focus all of your time on the course.


During the course, you will get to dive deep into the world of Android development by mastering the React Native framework to create real-world native apps. Additionally, you will get to cover the main concepts and terminology of Redux. A team of experienced engineers will help you discover various mobile design patterns by explaining what makes all the React methodologies and design principles. This course will give you a chance to create and deploy the applications you build by yourself to the Google Play Store. It is one of the best-selling courses on the platform, so make sure not to miss it.

Udemy Course by Mark Price

For the same price of only $9.99, you can purchase 23 hours course called “Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced.” Kotlin is a programming language that is commonly used for building Android apps, and in this course, you will get to learn it from scratch. However, you will not only learn what Kotlin is and how to use it, but you will also get to practice working with interface builder, and all the SDK’s that you will, later on, need to build Android apps. You will basically learn how to create professional apps from A to Z.

After taking the course, you will know everything needed to code like a pro and submit your works to the Google Play store. Additionally, you will get a clear idea of how to build beautiful apps people need and how to turn those apps into real projects, you can make good money off.


Coursera Course by Jogesh K. Muppala

Available on Coursera for free, this course called “Multiplatform Mobile App Development with NativeScript.” It is suitable for both Android and iOS developers as it shows you how to build beautiful apps with the help of NativeScript (Ver 3.x). One of the perks here is that you will also get to learn a lot about UI development, providing layout support, and accessing native mobile platform’s capabilities from Javascript.

This course is not for beginners, so it is better if you already have some solid knowledge of Angular and Bootstrap 4 before working on this course. After the journey, you will know how to build unique applications that target different platforms with a single codebase. Furthermore, you will know how to use various NativeScript framework features when building cross-platform mobile apps. The course will take around 41 hours to complete, but you get flexible deadlines, which is quite handy.