Xiaomi Has Already Started Developing MIUI 13


As most of you probably already know, MIUI 12 launched yesterday. Despite that, however, Xiaomi has already started developing MIUI 13. The company has officially confirmed the news.

MIUI User Research Team shared a post on Mi Community China immediately after the MIUI 12 launch event. In that post, they were asking for users to participate in a Feature Design Survey for MIUI 13.

Xiaomi already started developing MIUI 13, but no additional details were released

No information regarding MIUI 13 was released, of course, but it's interesting that Xiaomi already started developing it. MIUI 13 will probably land in mid-2021, so there's a long way to go.


All the focus is on MIUI 12 now, as it's brand new. Xiaomi not only announced it in China, but the company also shared a list of devices that will get it. MIUI 12 will roll out in three batches, at least when it comes to Chinese smartphones.

A global announcement of MIUI 12 is expected to follow in the near future. It will probably be an almost identical Android OS / skin, but with the addition of Google services. It also won't include some China-specific features, of course.

Xiaomi is expected to announce a global MIUI 12 global event soon. If we had to guess, we'd say that it will happen in May, but we're only guessing. Xiaomi did schedule the Redmi Note 9 series launch in Europe for April 30, but MIUI 12 probably won't even be mentioned there.


Xiaomi is expected to host an online-only event for this launch event, due to the current health crisis all over the world. The company would probably host a regular press event if things were different.

MIUI 12 is shaping up to be the best iteration of MIUI to date

In any case, MIUI 12 brought a lot of improvements to Xiaomi's OS / skin. The company not only revamped all animations in the UI, and introduced new navigation gestures, but it also mixed up the design a bit.

MIUI 12 is the flattest and cleanest-looking iteration of MIUI to date. The company also added some new privacy features, and a brand new dark mode. That dark mode is adaptable, and probably the most advanced implementation of a dark mode that we've seen to date.


On top of all that, the company improved its 'multi-window' feature, and also release some picture-in-picture features. New, interesting, live wallpapers have been added as well.

MIUI 12 is based on Android 10, and it's quite an interesting evolution of MIUI. The company already kicked off beta updates in China, while the first phones to get stable updates will be the company's flagships.

That will happen in June, in case you were wondering. It will take longer for global variants, though. The Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are first in line, followed by the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, and Redmi flagships.