Xiaomi's MIUI 12 Wallpapers Are Now Available To Download

MIUI 12 wallpaper featured

As most of you know by now, Xiaomi announced MIUi 12 yesterday. The company introduced all sorts of new features and changes as part of that announcement, and wallpapers that are available in MIUI 12 are now available to download.

Both regular MIUI 12 wallpapers and live wallpapers are now available to download

There are quite a few regular wallpapers available as part of this MIUI 12 pack, in addition to some live wallpapers. Xiaomi introduced some cool-looking live wallpapers during the MIUI 12 launch event, including Earth and Mars live wallpapers.

You can download both the regular wallpapers, and live wallpapers via the links below the article. Each live wallpaper is presented by a different link.


In terms of regular wallpapers, we’ve included them in the gallery below the article. Do note that those wallpapers are not in full resolution. If you’d like to get original ones, you’ll need to hit that download link.

Wallpapers in the gallery have been compressed, and are there only to show you what you’ll be getting if you opt to download these wallpapers.

Another thing to note is that Xiaomi’s live wallpapers will not work on any phone. They will only work on Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones, and they need to be running MIUI 11.


There are quite a few wallpapers included in the aforementioned pack, so chances are you’ll find something you like in there. Many of these wallpapers are landscapes of different parts of our planet, and they’re really nice-looking.

Now, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, Xiaomi announced MIUI 12 yesterday. The company announced it in China, while the global launch will take place in the near future. We still don’t know when exactly.

MIUI 12 brings revamped animations, UI changes, new navigation gestures & more

The company introduced various changes and new features to MIUI this time around. The company completely revamped animations in MIUI, so they’ll be on par with iOS now, says Xiaomi.


Navigation gestures have also been tweaked quite a bit. They will work basically identical to the default Android 10 navigation gestures now. In other words, you’ll get that horizontal line on the bottom of the display.

A brand new dark mode has been introduced as well. This dark mode has some really neat features, as it can adapt to specific lighting conditions, and so on.

New AOD themes, and live wallpapers have been added, and the company also improved the ‘multi-window’ feature quite a bit. Some new privacy features have been introduced, and so on. Click here if you’d like to know more.