Take An Early Peek At Upcoming Xiaomi MIUI 12 OS


Xiaomi is not expected to release MIUI 12 until Q3 this year, and yet you can not take an early peek at it. Several screenshots of what seems to be MIUI 12 leaked through the beta version of the MiSettings app, so that all of us can take an early peek.

Xiaomi tends to release beta versions of its applications to MIUI Community forums, and the latest beta build of the MiSettings app brings these screenshots to life.

Take an early peek at MIUI 12 thanks to leaked screenshots

This was spotted by XDA Developers, and you can take these screenshots below the article. What gives this information even more legibility is the fact that Xiaomi pulled the APK since. So, these screens are probably a part of MIUI 12.


The first screenshot shows the MIUI 12 display menu, and more importantly, its refresh rate settings. There are two settings here, 60Hz and 120Hz, though those settings will depend on what phone this UI is running on.

In any case, these screenshots do show a revamped design of the refresh rate menu. The Focus mode has also been revamped, and it seems like a similar treatment is coming to other parts of MIUI.

The screen time settings also show a new graph style for the weekly usage, and this UI is also noticeably cleaner than before, in general. That especially goes for individual app usage time in the daily screen usage section.


The source notes that these changes are kind of inconsistent. That's not surprising considering this is not a final build. Things will probably change even more by the time MIUI 12 drops.

Xiaomi did not really change MIUI 11's design all that much compared to MIUI 10. Some things did change, but nothing major. The company did change a ton of things behind the scenes, and added a ton of new features, of course.

MIUI 12 will not be a huge revamp of Xiaomi's OS, but it seems like quite a few design changes are coming

Well, MIUI 12 could bring far more design changes than MIUI 11. Though, it looks like the company will not be doing a whole revamp, or anything of the sort.


MIUI 11 looks modern as it is. It looks different than other Android skins, and yet not tacky or anything of the sort. Xiaomi's Android skin came a long way in the last couple of years.

There's no doubt we'll be seeing more MIUI 12 leaks in the coming weeks / months. Xiaomi may even share some details officially, even though the company tends to keep software under wraps before it launches.

The launch date has not been confirmed just yet, not at all. The company does have a habit of releasing new MIUI versions in Q3 every year, so that's probably what will happen this year as well.