VIZIO SmartCast Adds 20+ Free Live Streaming Channels


VIZIO announced today that it is adding over 20 new free live streaming channels, that will be streaming 24/7.

These are mostly news channels, and with everything going on in the world right now, that's not a big surprise. But there are some other channels that will bring you non-news content too.

Included in todays update are USA Today, CBS News, USA Today Sportswire, Fubo Sports Network, TMZ, Hollywire, Hungry, Food52, The Design Network, Dust, Magellan TVNow, Docurama, and CONtv as well as a few more.


You'll need a VIZIO TV to access these channels

VIZIO SmartCast is of course, only available on its own TVs. So in order to take advantage of these channels, you will need a VIZIO TV. And where VIZIO is one of the biggest makers of TVs in North America, chances are, you already have one.

SmartCast has a ton of great features included too, like Chromecast. Giving you the ability to Cast content to your TV from your smartphone or tablet. Which is really neat. Additionally, you can stream all sorts of channels and networks straight from the TV. Including those that are launching today.

VIZIO saw TV usage increase 59% in the past three weeks

So why is VIZIO bringing over 20 new live streaming channels for free? Because it is seeing TV usage increase exponentially. VIZIO says that it has seen a 59% increase in usage over the past three weeks.


Now that shouldn't surprise anyone. After all, the majority of us are stuck at home right now. Either out of work or working from home. And bringing more free content to users is a good idea. As it's going to keep them home more.

"More people are discovering our free content offerings and making them part of their daily routines right now," said Mike O'Donnell, Senior Vice President, Platform Business. He continued by stating that "we recognize the important role that TV plays in the home, especially when families are being asked to stay inside. It's important for us to deliver popular content to consumers and we are focused on continually expanding additional free and premium options for our VIZIO SmartCast TV customers."

With many of us out of work these days, getting free content is more important than ever. Especially when it comes to watching TV these days. And we've already seen a number of operators launch free content for users, amid this global crisis.