'VIVE Sync' Is HTC's VR Meeting And Collaboration App For Businesses

Vive Sync

In this time of uncertainty and increased isolation, HTC is doing its part to make working from home as easy possible with a new app called VIVE Sync.

This is a VR meeting and collaboration app for businesses. As an alternative to options like Zoom or Google Meet, VIVE Sync provides a way for businesses to have a little bit more of an interactive meeting with employees and co-workers.

Because meeting in person physically isn’t really an option right now. So, why not allow teams to meet virtually? HTC officially announced this new app today, but it’s not currently available in a fully finished state.


The VIVE Sync app is available only as a beta for now

HTC did release the VIVE Sync app today. However it’s still only in a beta form. It’s also free though.

So any businesses that decide to use it aren’t having to shell out any extra money that they might be trying to save. The appeal here is that you can technically still meet up. And as opposed to a video conference call it’s easy to understand why HTC might have wanted to offer something like this.

The app will eventually release in a final product state and when that time comes HTC may end up charging for it. The company doesn’t mention anything at all about a price though. So it may stay free even after it’s no longer in beta.


Up to 30 participants are supported at a single time

Perhaps the only downfall of this over something like Google Meet or Zoom is that it doesn’t support as many people. Those tools can support quite a large number of participants. Google Meet for instance supports up to 100 people now.

VIVE Sync will support up to 30 which is nowhere near the same amount. That being said, it definitely seems like it may be geared towards smaller teams.

The app currently supports a pretty wide array of features, with more on the way in future updates. Currently available features include OneDrive Support, the ability to design custom avatars, personal notes, 3D drawing, 3D model reviews, conference tables and auditorium seating, and VIVE ecosystem support.


Though it doesn’t support recorded sessions or non-VR participants right now, it will down the road. HTC also plans to add host controls and expanded hardware compatibility. It already supports every VIVE headset including the Cosmos Elite.

But eventually HTC wants VIVE Sync to support Oculus Rift and Quest headsets, the Valve Index, and various models from the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Any businesses that want access to this tool can download it straight from HTC at the VIVE enterprise website.