Video Call Your Facebook Friends List With Messenger Rooms

MessengerRooms Desktop Colored

Facebook is beginning to roll out a new feature to Messenger that lets you place a video call to a large number of people on your friends list called Messenger Rooms.

While there is obviously a limit, the idea is to allow users to call more than just a few friends at a time.

More people are staying at home these days and that makes it harder for people to communicate like they might have been used to. That is if you’re used to meeting up with friends and family regularly.


Due to most stay at home orders in many places around the globe, that sort of activity isn’t really possible if you follow the recommendations of staying inside.

The Messenger Rooms video call feature will work on both phone and PC

Facebook wants this to be in the hands of as many people as possible. To that end it’s ensuring that users can create a Messenger Room and have people enter it from either the PC interface or the Messenger app on smartphones.

This widens the possible nature of people who will get to participate in a large group call. Initially users will be able to start a Messenger Room from the Facebook news feed, but also from Events and Groups.


In the near future Facebook will also be expanding this capability to WhatsApp, Portal, and Instagram Direct. Meaning you can start a room from any one of those locations and have people join in.

Users will be able to drop in and drop out at their leisure, so as long as the Messenger Room is still open people can access it.

Messenger Rooms will support up to 50 people

You won’t really be able to group call your entire friends list but you will be able to call a large number of them.


Facebook says Messenger Rooms will support up to 50 people. That’s only about half the amount of people allowed in a Zoom call. Then again this isn’t meant for corporate use. It’s being put out there as a way to help friends and family communicate.

You can choose who can enter the Room too. The set of management controls allows you to designate who has access. And because of the way Messenger Rooms is set up you can simply start a Room and people can enter when they’re able.

Right now Messenger Rooms is only available in a select few countries. Facebook does plan to roll it out globally though in the coming weeks.