Verizon Virtual Assistant To Aid Customers At A Distance

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Big Red carrier Verizon Wireless is staying in touch with customers during this time, and the carrier now has a new virtual assistant to aid customers at a distance.

Verizon Virtual Assistant to aid customers at a distance

The new software tool works like normal links. Customers having trouble with their FiOS internet and phone services can contact Verizon and report the problem.

At which point, Verizon dispatches a technician to the residence. Once the technician arrives outside, he or she sends a text message to the individual’s phone number. The customer accepts the terms of the service and receives the text with a link.


Clicking on the link brings the customer to a video chat with the technician. Technicians remain outside the house to maintain proper social distancing rules. The phone’s rear camera can detect problems with an internet router inside the home. The internet router’s appearance (lights or the absence thereof) is a good indication of the problem with internet service.

Verizon’s new remote tool is born out of necessity

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” The adage holds true with Verizon’s new remote tool. The carrier, like all global carriers, finds itself under a mandate to continue working to meet customer needs.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, citizens must maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet apart in order to avoid potentially spreading the disease. Since disease carriers can show few to no symptoms, every person is a potential carrier of the disease.


The new remote tool is easy for customers to use. It works like every text message with a link. This prevents customers from having to download anything. Usually, customers are hesitant to download additional apps because they consume phone storage.

The new tool doesn’t require downloads but merely the click of a link to get started. The social distancing requirement is also in place, which prevents customers from having contact with Verizon representatives.

Finally, the new remote tool allows customers to know that their carrier is still available during a scary time. In this time, in which social distancing means staying in isolation from others, Verizon customers can still have some form of contact with human representatives.


And for some, seeing a human technician is a good reminder that they’re not in solitary confinement. Customers are drawing strength these days from human encounters at a distance.

Verizon has closed down stores due to the current global pandemic. The company has received emergency spectrum (approved by the FCC) and is giving customers an additional 15GB of free data through April 30th.

The nation’s top carrier says it will waive late fees and not disconnect customers due to their inability to pay during the current crisis.