Verizon Gives Out More Data to Consumers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Amid the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Verizon has announced to give more high speed data to their customers. The company will provide 15 GB of data to wireless consumers and small business customers. This benefit is applicable till 30th April.

Additionally, Verizon has confirmed that new consumers and business customers will also be eligible for this additional data, at no extra cost.

The WHO has declared the coronavirus – COVID-19 – spread as a pandemic. As a precautionary measure, most cities have shut down schools, offices and public places, asking staff to work from home wherever possible.


As a result, most wireless service providers are seeing unprecedented data consumption demands from consumers. More than half of Verizon customers are on unlimited data plans, including their Fios and DSL broadband customers.

However, Verizon’s latest move will benefit their consumer wireless subscribers on all plans from 2015. These include Verizon’s More Everything, Verizon Plan 1.0, Verizon Plan 2.0, Verizon Unlimited Plan and all Mix and Match Unlimited Plans.

Small business consumers who have 50 lines or less are also eligible for this additional data benefit. Business users on More Everything, Verizon Plan 1.0, Verizon Plan 2.0,  Flexible Business, the Verizon Unlimited Plan, New Verizon Plan for Business, and all Business Unlimited plans will get this data benefit.


Verizon gives 15 GB High-Speed Data to Prepaid and Postpaid Consumers

Verizon postpaid subscribers will get this 15 GB data as 4G LTE hotspot data. The company has added this additional data benefit to the current plans at no extra charges. Postpaid consumers as well as small business postpaid plan users will get this data benefit.

Similarly, Verizon consumer and small business prepaid consumers will get 15 GB data added to their standalone or shared data plan. Prepaid consumers will be entitled to use this additional data for smartphone, or hotspot usage.

Consumers on standalone metered or unlimited Jetpack plans will also get this additional 15 GB 4G LTE data top up. Verizon has clarified that this additional data is free. No additional charges will be borne by consumers.


Verizon signed up for the FCC Keep America Connected Pledge

The FCC has launched the Keep America Connected Pledge to help everyone stay connected during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Verizon has joined the other major US carriers viz. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile and signed the FCC Keep America Connected Pledge. Broadband providers like Google Fiber, Comcast, Cox and CenturyLink have also signed this pledge.

These companies have pledged that they will not terminate services for customers who are unable to pay their bills for the next 60 days. The pledge ensures that home customers and small businesses do not lose internet access and connectivity during this trying time.