Upgrade Your Work From Home Setup With The Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer today has announced that its Huntsman Elite keyboard is now the number one selling gaming keyboard in the US.

Which means there are a lot of people that love this keyboard. Now, this is a gaming keyboard so, it’s value is probably up there for gamers more than anyone else.

But, with more people staying at home these days and working out of their bedroom or home office, not to mention gaming more, now is the perfect time to upgrade whatever keyboard you have in the house. And the Razer Huntsman Elite stands above the rest it seems.


The Razer Hunstman Elite soars above all other gaming keyboards based on sales

There’s no doubt that Razer believes in its own products and that it firmly believes that the Huntsman Elite is the best gaming keyboard you can buy.

It isn’t just tooting its own horn here though. This claim is based on research from the NPD Group, which tracked US sales for gaming keyboards and found that sales of the Huntsman Elite surpassed all other options on the US market.

Considering how many gamers are out there in the US, that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment. Even more so when you think about how many other great options are out there for gaming keyboards.


There was a time when Razer was the top dog more because it was one of the only good options out there. That isn’t to say it hasn’t always had good gaming keyboards. It’s just more impressive now that there are a lot more exceptional options available to consumers.

Prepare to pay up for the quality

The Huntsman Elite might be the number one gaming keyboard in the US but it certainly isn’t inexpensive. On the contrary it’s actually quite pricey. It normally retails for $199, but you can grab it on Amazon for $169 right now.

You’ll be paying up to get this keyboard into your own home setup, but the features are worth it according to gamers across the country. Most notably might be the optical mechanical switches. Which Razer itself created and debuted on this particular keyboard.


They aren’t the only good thing about the keyboard though. You’ll also find nice big buttons for media controls. So you can adjust the volume for anything really easily. There’s even a pause/play button. Need we say more?

Ok, we will. The Huntsman Elite also comes with an ergonomic magnetic wrist rest. Which makes it extremely easy to take off and put on depending on whether or not you want to use it on a situational basis.

There’s plenty more to love to, but the fact that it’s the number one gaming keyboard in the US kind of speaks for itself.