Top 5 Best Casual Soccer Games

Best Casual Soccer Games

If you’re a soccer fan and like games but don’t always have the time to dive into something as substantial as FIFA, there are casual soccer games out there that can provide some pretty good gameplay.

Casual games don’t always get the recognition they deserve. But the truth is that some of them are really very good.

We’ve picked out a handful of some of the best casual soccer games out there and listed them below. If you’re trying to fill some of your downtime, check out some of the best casual soccer games and have a little fun.


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Best Casual Soccer Games

Soccer Heroes 2020 – RPG Football Manager

Starting things off with a pretty casual experience, a football (soccer) manager game which is more about building your team and seeing it rise to success than actually playing soccer matches against your opponents.

Since this is an RPG sports game hybrid of sorts, you should be able to do things at your own pace which, is pretty casual because you can sit back and progress as slowly as you like. There’s no rush to make it down the field playing against your opponents in real-time.


It features manga and anime-style graphics, the ability to unlock and train new skills to improve your team and the players on it, and offline play as well as online play.

The offline play in particular is one of the best parts, because you won’t always have internet access, but even if you don’t you won’t have to give up playing this game.

This is a super casual soccer game and one of the best ones there is. Definitely give it a shot.


Tika Taka Soccer

In Tika Taka Soccer you actually get to play a full match with your team just like you would expect in a fully fledged game like FIFA. Though the graphics are nowhere near as realistic, it’s still a fun game that earned it a spot on our best casual soccer games list.’

To start you will need to create a team and choose your players. From there you can play matches in your soccer career and take the team all the way to victory at the end of the season.

This game is based on European Club soccer, and beyond playing actual matches it throws in some other elements to give it some complexity. Like hiring accountants and trainers to help your players and your team advance.


It offers some easy to use controls that were designed specifically for touchscreens, and although they may take a little getting used to at first, once you have them down they’re rather quite easy and the game is much simpler to play.

Once you play a little bit more and make some money, you can even buy the best players for your team and better your chances of winning more matches, so you can dominate the league.

Tika Taka Soccer is just casual enough to be one of the best casual soccer games you’ll find, but it also has some depth to it if you enjoy that in your games.


Crazy Kick!

If you want a soccer game that’s extremely casual, look further than Crazy Kick! The name of the game says it all. You just kick the ball towards the goal and that’s essentially it.

There is of course more to the game than just kicking the ball. You’ll have some obstacles to get by in order to make it to the goal.

Some of those obstacles will of course be other players. But there are some wild obstacles you wouldn’t normally find in a soccer match too. Such as giant pits and brick walls.


You’ll need to kick the ball either around, between, or over these obstacles that are in your path in order to get to the end of each stage. Not before scoring the goal though. Naturally.

There’s not much more to it than that. Just kick the ball through a crazy obstacle course of sorts and make it to the goal to advance to the next stage.

It’s simple, controls are simple, and matches are fast which makes this one of the best casual soccer games out there, and perfect for when you may not have a lot of time.


Football Strike

Switching things up a bit, Football Strike is our next game on the list. This lets you get some multiplayer action in but it isn’t a full-on soccer game so you won’t have to worry about contending with too many controls.

Instead it’s a simple casual soccer game that has you either trying to score the goal or defend against the score. It features basic flick controls, so you just swipe up on the screen to kick the ball where you want and if you’re the goalkeeper then you just have to swipe to the left or right to attempt a block.

You can play against friends or random players online, and there’s even a career mode if you want to expand the gameplay a little. You can choose which team you want to represent and you can unlock costumes for your players to wear in-game as well.

And if you haven’t already noticed, the graphics are also really good. This is a super simple game where you play as the striker or the keeper and that’s really all there is to it.

It’s still tons of fun and because the entire game is about kicking the goal or blocking it, playing is quick. This is what makes Football Strike one of the best casual soccer games available. Plus it’s free like all of the other options.

Blocky Soccer

Last but not least on our list of best casual soccer games is Blocky Soccer. Here you’re getting another retro-inspired soccer game that offers super simple controls and some endearing visuals.

Unlike the previous game on this list, Blocky Soccer actually has you playing full matches as you control your player, having them run down the field and trying to make it to the goal to score. All the while dodging other players from the opposite team.

The game even has some fun features like weather effects. You can play it solo or play against friends online, too. While the aim of the game is to win your matches and advance your team, there are other things you can do that are almost like mini games. Such as penalty shootouts.

You have trophies to collect too so there’s almost an achievement factor included here. Which gives you something to chase and gives the game some more replay value.

If you were looking for one of the best casual soccer games to check out, Blocky Soccer is definitely one of them. It’s also developed by Full Fat games which makes some pretty decent games. So you know it will be a quality title.