T-Mobile Will Offer Up To $350 Off The OnePlus 8 5G

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T-Mobile has announced the pricing for the OnePlus 8 5G, as well as some deals that will allow you to get half off of the brand new smartphone.

You’ll be able to save up to $350 off of the new OnePlus 8 5G, by trading in your current device. Now, you can also save $350 on the OnePlus 8 5G by adding a new line of service to your account. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any BOGO deals going on for the OnePlus 8 5G, at least not yet.

Trade-in for the OnePlus 8 5G

You can get up to $350 off, by trading in your device. Which means that not all trade-ins are valued equally.


To get the full $350 off of your new OnePlus smartphone. You are going to need to trade-in a newer device. That includes the iPhone XR or X, Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 9, Google Pixel 4, 4 XL, OnePlus 7T,  or 7 Pro.

Now if you have an older device, you can likely still get $200 off of the OnePlus 8 5G, which is still not too shabby.

This is actually not a bad deal if you were looking to upgrade to a OnePlus 8 5G now, since you can get it for just $349 now. That is a pretty insane deal for a 5G device. And since you likely won’t get much more from selling your old phone yourself, this is a good move.


T-Mobile pricing for the OnePlus 8 5G

While those T-Mobile deals for the OnePlus 8 5G seem pretty good. Now it’s time to talk about the price.

T-Mobile generally does not raise the price on its phones. But when it comes to OnePlus, it generally does not sell the base-model. But it is this time around.

T-Mobile will be selling the 8GB/128GB model of the OnePlus 8 5G, for $699. And it’ll be available in Onyx Black or Interstellar Glow. Now the Interstellar Glow is going to be a carrier exclusive – meaning that Verizon won’t be selling it. Basically, what that means is that OnePlus did not make the OnePlus 8 5G UW model in Interstellar Glow, but Verizon does get its own exclusive color.


Remember that the OnePlus 8 5G is going to support T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network on the 600MHz band. It also supports Sprint’s network. Which is important as the two networks are working on merging into one right now. Since the merger is now complete between the two companies.