Stadia Controller Capture Button Now Supports Mobile Devices


The capture button on the Stadia controller is a great addition to the controller and it finally works on mobile devices.

If you're playing your Stadia games on Android, use this button to save images and video clips from your game sessions. This will go nicely with the availability to download both of those when browsing Stadia on the web. A feature that Google launched for the platform back in March.

Using the Stadia controller capture button on mobile is a new feature that Google recently added. The company highlights it in its latest Stadia Savepoint. A monthly post that recaps all of the updates for the platform over the past few weeks prior to the post.


Stadia Capture support is not the most important mobile feature

Using the capture button on Android is fantastic. Especially if Android is the primary way you play. It is not however the most important mobile feature.

What is and will be is the ability to use the Stadia controller on Android without needing to plug it in. Unfortunately this feature isn't available yet.

This is the most important feature for obvious reasons. For one, it opens up a slot for a charger. That way if you want to play games on Stadia while you charge your phone, you can.

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Another reason is that you just don't have to deal with cables. If you use the one that came with the CLAW mount, it's just a little bit too short. Google says this is coming this year, there's just no hard date for the feature's arrival.

A few less talked about new features

There was a time when Google went a while without making any Stadia announcements at all. This included lack of communication on upcoming games as well as new features.

Google has moved beyond this point and has really stepped up its game with communicating to users what's coming.


Between the Stadia Savepoint blog posts, the updates on its Twitter account, and in the official subreddit as well as the Stadia Community forums (not to mention direct emails), there are a lot of ways to find out about what new features are on the way.

Take for instance this most recent blog post recapping April's updates. In addition to the capture button support on mobile, there's also the ability to Click links to jump directly into a game on Chrome with an active Pro membership.

This saves you a little bit of time in getting into the game. And Stadia was already very quick about booting up games. Web players actually received quite a bit of love this month.


Because the web now has support for 5.1 surround sound, and web users can now activate an on-screen keyboard for any typing needs. Granted, you only need this if you're playing with a gamepad.