Spotify's New Wellness Playlists Aim To Bring You Peace And Positivity

Spotify Daily Wellness

Personal wellness is an important thing in life that more people need to take into account and Spotify's new wellness playlists can help. At least that's the idea.

They won't be extremely helpful to everyone of course, because personal wellness is different for everyone. But if your idea of personal wellness is being mindful of things like staying positive and getting a little bit of peace, these might do the trick for you.

Spotify's new wellness playlists are already live and you can find them in both the app and on the website. The new Spotify playlist also updates twice daily. You'll find new content in the playlist via the morning update and again in the evening update. As each time the content is tailored to fit the time of day.


Spotify's wellness playlists are a mix of things geared towards positivity & mindfulness

Spotify is generally used for streaming music. But the wellness playlists don't just contain tracks that can help with your wellness.

They're actually a mix of both positive and upbeat music and motivational podcasts. You'll see both the motivational podcasts and the music in both daily time slots. And, each version of the playlist has hours of content according to Spotify.

Meaning you should have enough there to keep you listening for a good portion of your day. If that's what you're looking for.

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The music in the playlists is personalized

Spotify's best feature, or one of the best features, is the way it personalizes music tracks for listeners. This doesn't stop with the new Daily Wellness playlist.

Though it does contain positive music to fit the overall wellness theme, it's still personalized to you. So just because one person may have something with more of an uplifting pop sound, that doesn't mean that you'll get the same thing.

You will in fact get music that is more your style. Based on your listening habits. Keep in mind though that some types of music may not fit this wellness theme and therefore may not be included.


Chances are, you aren't going to see anything from Five Finger Death Punch surface in the playlist alongside podcasts like Daily Quote. That being said, if listening to Five Finger Death Punch makes you feel positive and uplifted to get through the day, then by all means put it on.

This is all about your personal wellness after all. Once the routine updates for the evening, things switch up to podcasts and music that is designed to help you relax and get ready for a good night's rest.