Qualcomm Won't Launch The Snapdragon 865 Plus: Meizu CMO

Qualcomm Snapdragon AH NS 02

Qualcomm had introduced the Snapdragon 855 Plus in July last year. The company was expected to do the same with the Snapdragon 865 Plus this year, but that won’t happen, it seems, at least according to Meizu official.

Meizu CMO claims the Snapdragon 865 Plus is not coming this year

The information that Qualcomm won’t announce the Snapdragon 865 Plus, at least not this year, comes from Meizu CMO. His name is Wan Zhiqiang, and he revealed the info via Weibo.

To make things interesting, a well-known Chinese tipster suggested that the chip is coming. So, who to believe? Well, the Meizu CMO does seem like a more credible source.


Qualcomm still did not confirm anything, though, so we’ll have to wait for some sort of official confirmation in order to be sure. Nothing is certain yet, but it seems like the Snapdragon 865 Plus is not in Qualcomm’s plans.

Meizu CMO did not share any additional information regarding the Snapdragon 865 Plus, though. So we can only speculate at this point, but the recent outbreak may have something to do with it.

The Snapdragon 865 Plus would be just an iterative update over the regular model

This is just a wild guess. It’s possible that Qualcomm didn’t plan to announce a new chip either way. The Snapdragon 865 Plus would have been an iterative upgrade over the Snapdragon 865 anyway, as was the Snapdragon 855 Plus to the 855.


The Snapdragon 855 Plus did bring some gaming-related improvements, but other than that, it was almost the same as the regular model. Qualcomm could have easily skipped its launch entirely.

Many smartphone companies did decide to use the Snapdragon 855 Plus in the second half of last year, though. That is not surprising as they wanted to utilize the best Qualcomm had to offer at the time.

Speaking of Qualcomm’s chips and Meizu, the company is actually expected to announce a new flagship on May 8. Meizu will launch the Meizu 17 5G and 17 Pro 5G, and the company already revealed the design of the Meizu 17 5G.


Those two phones will be fueled by the best Qualcomm has to offer, the Snapdragon 865. The device will also include LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 flash storage if rumors are to be believed.

The device is said to sport a large 90Hz display, which will be flat, by the way. The phone’s bezels will be quite thin, while a display camera hole will sit in the top-right corner.

We’re once again expecting offerings from Qualcomm, Apple, and Huawei to lead the SoC market in H2 2020. Samsung will be there with its Exynos chip as well, though, and MediaTek will try to get a piece of the pie as well.