Samsung's Galaxy Watch Lineup Gets Hand Washing App

Samsung Galaxy Watch AM AH 2 2

Following Google’s hand washing reminders and timer, Samsung is now bringing a hand washing app to its Galaxy Watch series.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup gets Hand Washing app

Samsung’s new Watch app gives users 25 seconds to wash their hands by way of a timer. Samsung hopes users will take the first 5 seconds to turn on the water and app soap to their hands. The remaining 20 seconds should see users washing their hands. The 20-second hand washing rule is in line with the requirement from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Aside from the timer, Samsung also providers frequent reminders that users can create to their liking. The new hygiene app is for both the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active series. Galaxy Watch users can download the app from Samsung’s Galaxy Store for free.


While Samsung’s new Watch app helps users wash their hands appropriately, it doesn’t match Google’s app for Wear smartwatches. Google’s new Hand Washing reminders for Wear allow users 40 seconds to run the water, apply soap, and wash their hands.

Still, Samsung is supplying a hygiene app for its users. The Galaxy Watch series runs Tizen and not Wear OS. Users of all wearable and mobile platforms could use these urgent reminders right now. Companies releasing them are using their resources to aid this global fight.

Hygiene apps good for mobile devices

Smartwatches feature fitness, sleep, blood pressure, oxygenation, and other factors. And yet, few smartwatches include hygiene apps pertaining to the washing of users’ hands until now. The pandemic has created the need to remind citizens to wash their hands frequently. And new hygiene apps could become a growing trend from here on forward. Perhaps social distancing reminders to stay 6-feet apart from others may also prove useful moving forward.


As can be seen, one of the ways to ward off the current disease is by washing one’s hands in a good amount of time. Many users often wash their hands for a few seconds, but reminders with timers that remind users to take more time to wash their hands is a good way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Samsung continues aiding global effort

Samsung’s new hygiene app for its smartwatches only adds to Samsung’s current role in the global effort to combat the current pandemic. The Korean Android OEM has shut down its Experience Stores in the US to protect both employees and customers. Next, the Korean giant is sending its experts to South Korean face mask manufacturers to improve mask production. Finally, Samsung is offering its Galaxy Sanitizing Service for free to clean users’ phones. Finally, the Korean OEM is donating $5 million to the country of India to help with COVID-19 relief efforts.