Samsung TV Plus Might Come To Galaxy Devices At Some Point

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Samsung might be bringing its TV Plus streaming service to its Galaxy devices in the near future.

This is the streaming service that Samsung announced last year, and made available on its smart TVs (2016 and newer) models. It’s a free service, similar to the Roku channel.

Sammobile is reporting that an Android app is now in development for the service. Pointing to the fact that it might be coming to Galaxy devices soon, but it would likely be an exclusive. That’s not confirmed at all, but is an educated guess based on how Samsung has handled things like this in the past. Not to mention the fact that the app is only available on Samsung TVs right now.


More free content on your new Galaxy smartphone

It’s very possible that Samsung could be bringing this to both smartphones and tablets. Especially where its tablets have a focus on media consumption, as of late. Especially the Galaxy Tab S lineup, which feature quad-speakers tuned by AKG and AMOLED displays. Which are perfect for consuming media.

Not to mention the fact that its smartphones also have really great and large displays available for media consumption. Like the new Galaxy S20 Ultra, with the massive 6.9-inch display that is Quad HD+ and AMOLED. That’s going to make it really good for watching TV shows and movies on your smartphone.

With Samsung TV Plus, users will get live channels and VOD content

Samsung TV Plus is an ad-supported platform, and it is completely free for its users. Samsung is not charging you for premium content, there are no hidden charges at all here. Which is nice to see.


And you’ll get a variety of live channels to watch, as well as having access to a number of Video On Demand content in the library.

In the US, you can get content from beIN SPORTS EXTRA, Bon Appétit, CBS News, Crime 360, fubo Sports Network, Fuse, Kitchen Nightmares, Lively Place, Outside TV+, Reelz, Tastemade, The Design Network, VEVO, Yahoo Finance, and many more.

As Samsung expands TV Plus, you’re going to be able to find more content to watch on the service. But you’re getting a pretty decent amount of content here, especially considering it is completely free. And soon it’ll be coming to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone (and tablet). Which means you’ll be able to watch this content while you’re on the go. Which is pretty impressive.