Samsung Gives Away $100 For A Fortnite Chapter 2 Sweepstakes

Fortnite AH NS 08

Samsung is doing its part to reward gamers by starting a sweepstakes that revolves around Fortnite Chapter 2.

It’s the second season of the game and anyone who plays may just want to try their hand at winning what Samsung has to offer. The company is now giving anyone a chance to win $100.

It won’t be straight cash or a gift card though. Rather it’s $100 worth of Samsung Rewards points. Which can then be spent on things at the Galaxy Store. There are a couple of caveats though which players need to be aware of.


The Samsung Fortnite sweepstakes ends on May 10

The first thing to know is that the sweepstakes won’t go on forever. You will have a limited amount of time to partake in this event. Luckily May is almost a month away.

Which means anyone who’s interested in a chance at winning still has plenty of time. This Fortnite sweepstakes from Samsung doesn’t require you to spend any money. However that is an optional part of the contest.

If you have a compatible Samsung device, any purchase you make on in-game Fortnite items will automatically enter you into the contest.


If you’d rather not spend money, there is a way to enter without doing so. You simply have to mail in your entry to win. You can however enter multiple times (only once per day), and if you play Fortnite actively, getting an in-game item here or there will probably the easier route.

You also need to be a Samsung Rewards member

This should go without saying but you also need to be a Samsung Rewards member. If you aren’t your entries likely won’t be accepted.

You’ll want to be a member anyway, as you need to be one to spend the points. If you do happen to win, $100 worth of points is 20,000 points. You can spend these on any digital content within the Galaxy Store app.


You can also spend these points on physical goods and products at the Samsung online shop. For example, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Fit for all 20,000 points. Cases for the Note 10, the Note S Pen, and a wireless charger are all things you can grab as well. And all of them individually are under the 20,000.

There will be 1,500 people who win the sweepstakes, and Samsung states that it will be notifying the winners at some point this Summer. If you plant to enter, make sure to keep an eye on your email inbox.