Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Won't Get The S Pen: Report

samsung galaxy fold ah

Samsung seems to have dropped the idea of including an S Pen in the Galaxy Fold 2. A new report coming from South Korea suggests that the company is instead favoring a lightweight design for the second-generation Galaxy Fold.

The upcoming foldable smartphone will reportedly feature a bigger screen than its 2019 predecessor while keeping a similar form factor.

However, the new phone will still weigh significantly lesser than the original Galaxy Fold. With a reported weight of 229 grams, it will be 47 grams lighter than the Fold, which weighs 276 grams.


Reports earlier had hinted at the possibility of the Galaxy Fold 2 coming with an S Pen. However, the Bluetooth-enabled stylus appears to remain a Galaxy Note-exclusive accessory for now.

Not including an S Pen in the Galaxy Fold 2 will help Samsung lower the foldable's price as well. The company is aiming for a significantly cheaper introductory price of the Galaxy Fold 2 as compared to last year's Fold. The South Korean giant may even offer lesser storage capacity to achieve that.

Reports suggest a base model with 256GB storage. This would make the base model a good $100-$200 cheaper than the 512GB variant. The Galaxy Fold was launched at the starting price of $1,980 last year. While Samsung is expected to lower the price with the second-generation Fold, it'll still be an expensive phone.

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The financial uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic means such ultra-premium phones could be beyond the budget of most potential customers. So a cheaper model might help Samsung's cause.

Galaxy Fold 2 will ship in original Fold colors

The report from the Korean portal Naver also claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 color options will include Martian Green and Astro Blue. Availability may vary from market to market, though.

To recall, these two color options were initially announced for the Galaxy Fold last year but weren’t released. The market release of Samsung's first foldable phone was delayed and the company eventually launched the device only in two colors: Space Silver and Cosmos Black.


The Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to feature an Infinity-O foldable display of about 8-inch in size. For comparison, last year's Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch display with a big notch on the corner. The external display will also see a size upgrade from the 4.6-inch panel on the original Fold.

Despite the current global health crisis, which has created uncertainty across markets around the world, Samsung is still hopeful of launching the Galaxy Fold 2 in its original schedule in August.

Mass production of its parts will begin in mid-May. The company might announce the foldable alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series.