Samsung Galaxy Buds Gain Better PC Pairing And Ambient Sound

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung is updating its older Galaxy Buds true wireless earbuds with ambient sound and other features.

One of those new additions is the ability to better pair the Galaxy Buds with Windows 10 PCs. While it was possible to do this before, it now happens more seamlessly and quickly thanks to the Microsoft Swift Pair feature.

Support for this feature is part of an update to the earbuds that bring them in line with the more robust and capable Galaxy Buds+ that Samsung launched earlier this year.


This also makes the earbuds even more of a value. You can pick them up for around $100 now. Compared to the roughly $150 that it would cost for the newer Galaxy Buds+ model.

Galaxy Buds now have ambient sound

Ambient sound was a feature that Samsung introduced with the original pair of true wireless earbuds that released. The Gear IconX.

For whatever reason Samsung didn't initially add it to the Galaxy Buds when they launched back in 2019. But now with today's update, the Galaxy Buds have ambient sound too.

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This makes it more possible to hear exactly what you want to hear and less of what you don't. This feature update also adds the capability for the ambient sound to be experienced with a single earbud. So if you're only wearing one you don't have to miss out on using it.

New, single-tap Spotify integration

Music might be the one thing that keeps you going during your daily 9-5. Or whatever your own work hours are.

With the Galaxy Buds and the new single-tap Spotify integration, you can get to your music even faster than before. All you have to do is tap and hold on the touch sensor button and Spotify will begin playing music from the last spot you were on when listening.


You can also tap and hold again to have Spotify recommend specialized playlists for you. Just in case your mood has changed and you want to listen to some other type of music.

This is a feature which also doesn't work automatically. Users looking to test it out will need to set it up first. To do so you open the companion app and then head to settings. Enter the Touch Pad menu and enable the gesture so you can get to Spotify more quickly.

These new features should be live for anyone that has the latest update on the earbuds. If you haven't done so in a while, check to see if an update is available.