Samsung Is Developing A 250MP Camera Sensor For Smartphones

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According to a new report from China, Samsung is developing a 250MP camera sensor for smartphones. That camera sensor could be up to an inch in diagonal, in case you were wondering.

Now, we all know that the company included a fairly large sensor in the Galaxy S20 Ultra as well. The company’s flagship features a 108-megapixel main camera sensor. That sensor, for comparison’s sake, is 1/1.33-inch, which is noticeably smaller than what this new sensor is going to offer.

Samsung developing a 250MP camera sensor for smartphones, in addition to a 600MP one

The report does not say when will this sensor arrive, but it is in Samsung’s shorter-term plans. Some of you probably already know that the company is working on a 600MP sensor as well, at least based on reports.


That report surfaced quite recently, though a 600MP camera sensor is a part of Samsung’s long-term plans. Samsung is developing a 250MP camera sensor for smartphones, along with a 600MP one, but those two sensors are not the only ones that are coming.

The source also claims that Samsung is getting ready to launch a 150-megapixel camera sensor in the second half of this year. It claims that Samsung is done with the research and development, and that it is planning the launch.

That will be an ISOCELL sensor, like every other smartphone camera sensor that the company makes. We don’t know what model will it be exactly, nor what are its specifications, however.


We will have to wait for Samsung to make this camera sensor official in order to know more. It is expected to be an improvement over the 108-megapixel unit in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, though.

A 150-megapixel camera sensor is coming later this year

That 150-megapixel camera sensor almost certainly will not make its way to the Galaxy S20 series. It may be included in the Galaxy S21 / S30 smartphone(s) next year, presuming it will be a flagship-grade camera sensor.

Samsung had opted to include its 108-megapixel camera in only one Galaxy S20 handset, the most powerful one. The other two variants come with a 12-megapixel main camera, which is just as capable, though.


Smartphone cameras are getting better year-after-year, and it seems like Samsung is trying to compete with Sony in that regard. Sony is the go-to company for camera sensors for many companies, Samsung included.

Samsung is trying to manufacture rather large, high-pixel-count sensors in order to compete, though. That 108-megapixel camera inside the Galaxy S20 Ultra is nothing to scoff at. Having that in mind, it will be interesting to see what will Samsung bring next.

We’re not yet sure when exactly will this 150-megapixel camera arrive, but the source seems to be confident it’s coming in H2 2020. Chances are it will launch at some point after the Galaxy S20 event, but we’re only guessing.