Save $50 On The Roku TV Wireless Speakers

roku tv wireless speakers

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers are finally on sale, for $50 off of their regular retail price. That brings the price down to just $149. That's a pretty decent price for a pair of wireless speakers for your entertainment system.

These Roku TV Wireless Speakers offer up a super easy setup, essentially open the Roku app and you'll be walked through the process. And in addition to using these for better sound from your TV, you can also stream music over Bluetooth. Unfortunately these are not smart speakers, so you do have to use Bluetooth instead of WiFi.

Roku offers up a pretty good remote, which looks very similar to the TV remote for Roku devices. Which is pretty easy to use. And if you've already used Roku devices before, then you know what to expect there. It also has a mute button which makes it easy to mute the TV. And there's a microphone that you can press to use for voice controls.


Roku TV Wireless Speakers offers up premium audio, so that you can get a really good sound experience out of these speakers. Unfortunately, there is no support for Dolby Atmos or Dolby at all here. But you can still expect to get some great bass, as well as mids and highs being crystal clear.

Now if you want to up your speaker setup even more, Roku has its subwoofer available for $179. That will really up the audio experience in your home, as the subwoofer is wireless and will make your home really bump when watching movies and such.

You can pick up the Roku TV Wireless Speakers from Roku's website by clicking here. This price is not going to last long, so you will want to hurry and grab it before it's gone. Keep in mind that it might not ship right away.

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Roku TV Wireless Speakers - Roku - $149