Polar Unveils New Outdoor Multisport Watch Called The Grit X


Polar officially unveiled its newest product today called the Grit X, a multi-sport watch that was designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

This is not a smartwatch, though it may look like one and carry a few of the same fitness-centric features. Beyond the few things you may find on some smartwatches though, like GPS and heart rate sensors, this is more along the lines of something like the Fenix 6 line from Garmin.

With the Grit X, whether you're trail running, mountain biking, or even just training inside at home, you should have everything you need to push your limits. At least that's the idea. And Polar aims to make good on its claim that this watch can help you do just that.


The Polar Grit X is a watch to help you push your limits

How exactly can this watch push you past your limits? Polar would tell you it's the all-new lineup of smart coaching tools that would help get that job done.

And they're probably right. First, the Grit X is designed with a military-grade ultra durable build so it can withstand even the harshest conditions along with you. But that tough build is only any good to you if the watch is able to function.

It needs a battery for that. And the one on the Grit X lasts up to 40 hours at a baseline. That 40 hours is also with the GPS running at full steam. If you decide to push the battery out longer, whether it's needed or not, you can stretch it to about 100 hours by using the battery saving features.


Beyond the battery life and build design, it's features like Polar's new Hill Splitter that could take you past your threshold so you can keep going. If you're someone who runs trails up and down the mountain, this is a feature you want to have.

It'll give you detailed statistics on uphill and downhill segments of your runs. Allowing you to take a peek at these analytics and see how to improve. You can also check things like your elevation profiles and performance, learn how to gauge your efforts on variable terrain, and even compare sessions.

Keep yourself charged up with FuelWise and use Nightly Recharge for recovery

You don't just need to keep the watch charged. You need to keep yourself charged as well.


Making sure you're charged up enough to get through your adventures isn't always easy though. But it certainly can be with the FuelWise feature. This is a smart fueling assistant whose entire goal is to send you reminders for eating and drinking to fuel up the remainder of your outdoor excursions.

There's also the Nightly Recharge feature to help you analyze yesterday's performance and overnight recovery stats, and use that to help you be at your best for the day ahead.

The Polar Grit X also offers a a handful of other carefully crafted features. Such as FitSpark for tailored outdoor and indoor exercises, Training Load Pro, Polar Flow, and Sleep Plus Stages. The Grit X is available now online through Polar's website and it retails for $430.


It comes in Black or Green with Silver colorways, and there are a collection of different bands you can buy that range by color and material, including Red and Blue Paracord and leather.

Polar Grit X Hero Image