Pokémon GO Now Lets You Battle Raid Bosses Remotely


Now is a time for social distancing and that means more people are spending time at home, but that doesn't have to stop you from participating in a Pokémon GO raid as you can now do it remotely.

Today Niantic announced that players would be able to battle raid bosses remotely in Pokémon GO, with a caveat or two of course.

The new feature does allow you to access raids from the comfort of your couch. Or wherever you play from inside the house. But you can't just access any raid boss the game has to offer. There is at least one stipulation.


Battling raid bosses remotely in Pokémon GO requires them to be nearby

If you want to battle a raid boss from the comfort of your own home the raid will need to show up on your nearby screen.

If they show up here, then you can participate wherever you are. You don't even have to be at home. If you live in a smaller neighborhood and you decide to take a stroll around the block, you can battle from there as well as long as the raid boss still shows up on the nearby screen.

On top of this you will need an item called the Remote Raid Pass. This is what will allow you to battle raid bosses that are hanging out nearby. Without it, you'd have to be at the location. But since we're all supposed to be staying home, you'll want the pass.


To acquire them though you do have to buy them from the shop for 100 PokéCoins. Also worth noting is that eventually Niantic plans to reduce the amount of damage players do when battling a raid boss remotely. Meanwhile players battling on site will do more damage.

Initially both remote players and players on site will do the same amount of damage. So there won't be an advantage in the beginning.

Daily field research tasks and gifts come to you

Niantic is giving players even more ways to play Pokémon GO from home. This includes completing the daily Field Research tasks that you would normally have to spin a PokéStop for.


Now, you will be able to acquire one of these every single day at midnight local time. And you don't even have to spin a PokéStop.

Your buddy Pokémon can also now bring you gifts so that you can send them to friends remotely. It will start to search for these gifts at nearby PokéStops once you begin to run low on your current gift stock.

There's a number of other improvements and features that have been added in this latest patch, which you can read about here.