OPPO Air VOOC 40W Wireless Charger Will Launch Soon

OPPO Air VOOC 40W wireless charger 1

OPPO will announce a new, extremely fast wireless charger soon. We’re talking about the OPPO Air VOOC 40W wireless charger here, which got certified by the WPC recently.

This wireless charger popped up on WPC under the ‘OAWV01’ model number. The listing revealed that this is a 40W wireless charger, which makes us believe it is the OPPO Air VOOC.

The OPPO Air VOOC 40W wireless charger will launch soon, and its design surfaced

The design of the wireless charger itself also surfaced, and you can check it out in an image above. The device comes with a gray finish, which is mixed with a white color, it seems.


Once you place the phone on it, you’ll see an LED notification light, which is not that bright. Now, the ‘Air VOOC’ branding is also highlighted on the front side of the charger.

The charger includes both OPPO and Qi brandings, so it will support Qi charging. A fan comes built-in, to keep the charger’s temperature in check.

This charger will not only support 40W wireless charging, but also 65 wired charging, by the way (9V-2.5A / 5V-6A / 10V-6.5A). The OPPO Air VOOC 40W wireless charger will launch soon, and it may launch with one of the company’s flagship smartphones.


The OPPO Reno Ace2 5G will become official on April 13, and this charger may launch alongside it. It was already confirmed that the Reno Ace2 5G will support 65W charging, and it’s rumored to include 40W wireless charging, so it fits.

OPPO will not be the first company to introduce a 40W wireless charger

OPPO will not be the first company to offer 40W wireless charging or charger, but it will be one of the first. The recently-announced Huawei P40 Pro+ supports 40W wireless charging as well.

OPPO’s sister firm, OnePlus, is planning to announce its flagships a day after OPPO. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are coming, and the ‘Pro’ model will support wireless charging as well.


The phone will support 30W wireless charging, and OnePlus already officially confirmed that its wireless charger is coming. That charger will become official alongside the OnePlus 8 series.

The OPPO Reno Ace2 5G will be quite a powerful phone. It will not only include the Snapdragon 865 SoC, and support 5G, but the rest of its spec sheet looks quite nice as well.

The device will include a fullHD+ 90Hz AMOLED display, plenty of RAM, and capable camera sensors. If you’d like to know more about the device, click here. We’ve recently talked about it, after it got certified by TENAA.