OnePlus 8 Users Can Now Play Stadia Games On The Phone

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If you've scored yourself a OnePlus 8 and you're a Stadia user, get ready to play some games on the phone. Like right this second.

Because support for the OnePlus 8 is now live and Stadia officially works on this device. It will also be the first out of a series of OnePlus phones to gain support. Which OnePlus announced during its OnePlus 8 live event earlier in April.

This is all rather good timing, too. Because Stadia just received a crop of new games today, including PUBG (which is currently free for Pro members), and Pro is still free for users for the first two months.


OnePlus 8 support went live last week

According to a user on the Stadia subreddit named u/Ealesy101, support for playing games on the OnePlus 8 has been available for the past four to five days.

Specifically the OnePlus 8 Pro for this poster in particular, though the OnePlus 8 was likely available at the same time. And chances are that there are some OnePlus 8 users out there that have been enjoying their lineup of games since at least the weekend.

The OnePlus 8 is just the latest phone to gain support. With Google having added support for a whole host of new phones beyond its own Pixel lineup earlier this year. Including options like the Galaxy S20 and the ROG Phone II.

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You'll still need to plug in your Stadia controller if you use one

Stadia support is great. And more new phones allowing users to play games on mobile is an excellent improvement.

If you have a OnePlus 8 you will still need to plug in your Stadia controller though. If you use one in the first place. Unfortunately, the Stadia controller still doesn't support wireless play on phones or in Chrome.

Hopefully that's something Google adds in the near future. Seeing as it wasn't part of today's Stadia Connect live stream. You do have options though if you want or need to have wireless play.


Quite simply, you can just use another controller. And if you're playing Stadia games on the phone you really should be anyway. Because the option is there and Android phones support the likes of the DualShock 4, the Xbox One Wireless, and a very wide array of other Bluetooth gamepads.

The Stadia controller is nice and all because of the Stadia-specific features. But until you can use it with phones wirelessly, enjoy your Stadia games on the phone with any number of other options.