Buying A OnePlus 8 Will Get You Three Months Of Google One, For Free

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The OnePlus 8 series is set to be announced tomorrow, but we're still learning some tidbits about the devices. For instance, when you purchase a OnePlus 8 smartphone, you'll get three months of Google One membership for free.

That is according to some marketing material that Evleaks has just posted on his Patreon account.

If this promotion is anything like the one Google did for the Pixel 4 series late last year, you'll get 100GB of storage for free for three months, then it will be offered to you for 50% off for the following three months. So it'll be $0.99 per month instead of $1.99.


Getting free storage from Google, isn't too shabby

Getting free storage for Google One is definitely a good thing. Even if the plan is normally $2 per month.

It's smart on Google's part, as it's going to get people to use Google One more. And when the plan is up in three months, the users will likely transfer to a paid plan. And even though that is only $2 per month (or $1 per month, if they do the same promotion as the Pixel 4 series), that does definitely add up for Google.

While OnePlus smartphones are known to have plenty of storage, having more cloud storage is never a bad thing.

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What is Google One?

Google One is Google's new membership plan. Which gives you storage for Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail. So that 100GB of storage can really come in handy.

Though Google One does offer a bit more than just storage. You can also use it to backup your phone. This includes text messages, photos and video as well as device data.

On top of that, you get access to Google's support team through the app. So if you have any issues, Google will be able to help you out.


Google will also, from time to time, offer up some benefits for Google One subscribers to take advantage of. Like 40% off of hotels, or a free Google Play Movies & TV movie rental, among other things.

So while it's mostly all about storage, it isn't completely about storage, which is a good thing here. And where plans are pretty cheap already, it makes sense to use Google One. 100GB is $1.99/month, 200GB for $2.99/month, all the way up to 30TB for $299.99 per month. But the vast majority of us don't need 30TB of storage, unless we are running a business off of Google Drive.