OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro Update Fixes Some Display Issues, Improves Camera

OnePlus 8 Series AM AH 2

OnePlus has started rolling out a new update for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, and this update will fix some display issues, it seems. Users have been reporting various display issues since the two phones launched.

The main issues are with the OnePlus 8 Pro display, as the phone has been reported to have issues related to crushed/clipped blacks, low brightness irregularities, green-tint problems, image retention, misstouches, and even lines appearing around the display hole.

This OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro update fixes some display issues, and more

Now, this update won’t fix all of that, but it will make misstouches less of an issue. The company said that it optimizes touch sensitivity on the screen edges. It also says that it optimized the display effects.


We don’t really know what the last part entitles, but it should further improve the display. Do note that OnePlus promised that it will fix all issues with the display, as it seems (almost) all of them are fixable via software.

In addition to what we’ve mentioned, there are several other entries in the changelog here. The company also improved video smoothness in Motion graphics smoothing. Some known issues in regards to system stability have also been fixed.

Some camera fixes have also been issued here

The company has also simplified interaction experience for Bedtime mode. Some camera improvements have also been included in this update.

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The company has improved the accuracy of white balance, and focus in a dark environment. The smoothness and stability of the camera app, and its performance have also been improved.

The last entry in the changelog has to do with the network. This new update will bring enhancements for the mobile data and Wi-Fi transmission stability.

Do note that the update is arriving to the OnePlus 8 as OxygenOS 10.5.3, while it is coming to the OnePlus 8 Pro as OxygenOS 10.5.5. The changelog is identical, though.


This update is now rolling out over-the-air (OTA) to users, but do note that it is a gradual rollout. The update should arrive to all phones in a week, if everything ends up being okay.

In other words, it will arrive if the company doesn’t discover any underlying bugs, which is rare, but still. You can always try and manually update, if you want, you can find more information here.

Do note that pretty much all the display issues (save for misstouches) that we’ve mentioned at the beginning of the article are related to the OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus did promise that fixes are coming, so stay tuned.