[UPDATE: Fixed] Unlocked OnePlus 8 Pro Having Verizon Compatibility Issues

OnePlus 8 Pro 1 AM AH 4

While OnePlus is releasing a Verizon-compatible 8 Pro, users have been assured that the unlocked model would also work on Big Red. Unfortunately, users are discovering a different situation.

OnePlus 8 Pro unlocked model having Verizon compatibility issues

A long discussion over at OnePlus Forums says that the unlocked 8 Pro model isn’t working on the CDMA carrier. The reason pertains to a feature called “CDMA-less” which makes unlocked models work.

Apparently, Verizon representatives are unable to activate it on unlocked phones at the moment. And the inability to activate the CDMA-less option pertains to the fact that Verizon hasn’t certified the IMEI numbers for unlocked OnePlus phones. Responsibility for this lies at the feet of the Chinese Android OEM. OnePlus has yet to send the IMEI list to Verizon for activation.


Users are reporting that they cannot access Wi-Fi Calling, SMS, and other carrier-dependent services. Without Verizon compatibility, users cannot access Verizon services. Customers who contact Verizon are being told they can either return the phone or wait until their IMEI number is certified by Verizon before using the phone as a daily driver.

OnePlus 8 Pro Verizon model works with Big Red, however

Though the unlocked 8 Pro doesn’t work with Verizon at the moment, but it should in the very near future.

Verizon is waiting for OnePlus to send its IMEI list. Which means in the meantime, those on Verizon that purchased a OnePlus 8 Pro won’t be able to use it.


Verizon compatibility: OnePlus feels the pressure

In order to properly succeed in the US, OnePlus must certify its devices on the two top carriers, Verizon and AT&T. In recent years, OnePlus phones have made their way to T-Mobile, but Verizon has remained something of the pinnacle of American wireless provider territory.

To this end, OnePlus is bringing its 8 series to America’s top carrier. The OnePlus 8 series will be available on Verizon and T-Mobile. Magenta carrier T-Mobile was the exclusive carrier of the 7T series.

Verizon will sell the OnePlus 8 ($799) starting on Wednesday, April 29th. Both phones feature high-refresh rate displays and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 SoC with the X55 modem. The OnePlus 8 Pro will feature a Quad HD+ resolution and a quad rear-camera setup. Both the 8 and 8 Pro offer 128GB and 256GB storage configurations and 8GB/12GB RAM options.


Only the 8 Pro is compatible with OnePlus’ Warp Charge 30 Wireless charger, a separate accessory that doesn’t come in-box.

The OnePlus8 offers LPDDR4X RAM while the 8 Pro will provide the latest, LPDDR5 RAM. Additionally, the Pro’s 4,510mAh battery is slightly larger than the 4,300mAh battery of the regular 8 model.

UPDATE: The issue has been fixed. The unlocked OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro have been certified for use with Verizon’s towers.