Here Are New OxygenOS Features Presented By The OnePlus 8 Series

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OnePlus had introduced its flagship OnePlus 8 series of smartphones a couple of days ago, and along with them, new OxygenOS features. The company listed what OxygenOS has to offer on its official website, both old and new.

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Well, we went through that list, to pick out new OnePlus 8 OxygenOS features, and list them for you. Do note that these are only some of the new features available, the most notable ones. A number of additional bits and pieces are included.


Software optimizations

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The company has further optimized OxygenOS with this build. OnePlus notes that OxygenOS offers over 280 powerful software optimizations. That is actually something the company mentioned during the presentation as well. The company did not share more info on that, though. We do know that some of those optimizations involve navigation gestures, though.

Dual-channel network acceleration

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Dual-channel network acceleration is now a part of OxygenOS as well. This feature can speed up your download through the simultaneous support for WLAN and mobile networks. In addition, with the included Smart 5G tech, your phone will also be able to switch between 5G and non-5G networks in order to prolong battery life while keeping you connected to the Internet.

Real-time wallpapers

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Another new feature has to do with live wallpapers. Live wallpapers can now connect to the OnePlus Weather app, and change hues according to real-time weather conditions. This is quite a neat feature that will keep your phone’s wallpaper fresh all the time. OnePlus did not say how much battery will this drain, but hopefully not a lot.


Improved dark theme

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During the presentation, and on its official website, OnePlus mentioned that the Dark Theme is now compatible with a wide range of third-party apps, in order to maintain a consistent viewing experience. This is most certainly a welcomed addition, as many people seem to prefer dark mode. It also saves battery on OLED displays, so that’s a bonus.

Amazon Alexa support

Amazon Alexa
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Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant is now built into OxygenOS. You can simply say ‘Alexa’ in order to play music, check the weather, and so on. If you have other devices integrated with Alexa, you can do a lot more, like control your home lighting, and so on. This feature is only available on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, but it’s coming to more devices soon.


Live captions

Now, this is not technically a brand new feature, but the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are the only ones that feature it out of the company’s lineup, at least in a stable form. This feature already arrived to the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro via a beta channel. The feature will become available to more devices soon. It essentially generates captions for media content that you’re watching on your phone.