Official OnePlus 8 Series Wallpapers Are Available To Download

OnePlus 8 Series AM AH 4

OnePlus had introduced its new flagship smartphones a couple of days ago. Those of you who are interested in grabbing official wallpapers from the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are in luck, as they’re now available to download.

The designer behind these wallpapers, Hampuss Olsson, has just made the OnePlus 8 series wallpapers available. These wallpapers are currently available via the designer's app called ‘Abstruct’.

The OnePlus 8 wallpapers can be download via the app, or download link

If you’d like to avoid downloading the app, however, you can simply download them via the link below this article, directly. Do note that four wallpapers are included in that .zip file, and each of them comes in three variants.


One variant is in a resolution of a phone, the other is the same but with the Never Settle branding. The last variant offers that wallpaper in 4K resolution. This is the same approach OnePlus had for years.

As per usual, all of these wallpapers are abstract. That has been OnePlus style for years now, so that’s what you could have expected. You can check out all of those wallpapers in the gallery down below as well.

Do note that the wallpapers in the gallery have been compressed. So, if you’d like to grab them in full resolution, you’ll have to either use the app (linked below), or the aforementioned download link.

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The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro have managed to attract a lot of opinions from users, mainly because of their price tags. 5G managed to increase the price tags of these two phones quite a bit.

Still, both phones have plenty to offer, especially the OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus improved the device across the board, as it finally offers an official IP rating, and fast wireless charging.

The two phones are quite similar. They’re both made out of metal and glass, and come with thin bezels, and a display camera hole. Both also have curved displays.


The ‘Pro’ model comes with faster RAM, and better camera setup

The OnePlus 8 Pro does pack newer and faster RAM, while it also includes a more powerful camera setup on the back. Android 10 comes pre-installed on both phones, along with a new version of OxygenOS.

The Snapdragon 865 fuels both of these smartphones, and the Snapdragon X55 modem for 5G connectivity is also included.

The two devices are currently available to pre-order, in case you’re interested in getting them. Their pricing starts at $699 and $899, respectively. Price tags are a bit higher in Europe.


Download OnePlus 8 series wallpapers

Abstruct app (Google Play Store)